Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pond’s Acne 101 High School-Event Report

Hallo teman-teman! Aku ada laporan tentang event yang kemarin aku datengin bareng temen-temen blogger nih! Aku diundang oleh Pond’s ke acara Acne 101. Katanya sih.. Pond’s bakal ngeluncurin produk terbaru mereka untuk mengatasi jerawat.. Hmm.. Kira-kira apa ya? Yuk kita langsung masuk aja! :)

Priscilla event Pond's complete solution acne beauty blogger 9

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hmm.. Honey! Bee Balm Review ^^

Hallo hallo! I have something special for this post.

Proudly made in Indonesia, I have a Bee Balm review!

Priscilla review Bee Balm

4 in 1 Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks Review

Hallo everyone! Today I’m back with the review of 4 lipsticks from Maybelline. They kindly sent me some of their newly launched lipstick range, Color Sensational.

Ok let’s get to it! ^_^

Priscilla review Maybelline Color Sensational  Lipstick Beauty Blogger 8

Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Impression: The Cutest Pink and Green Contact Lenses Ever!

Hallo everyone! ^_^

It’s been a while since I reviewed contact lenses, and today I just bought 2 new pairs! Mind you that this is a first impression post, I just tested them today and I’m so excited to share it with you all. I will definitely make a makeup post using these lenses and update you about how they feel on my eyes on long term, of course. Here they are…


Birthday Haul + Update!

Hallo! How are you all today? Doing awesome, I hope! Well, for this post I want to share about some of the things that I bought during this month of August. I didn’t buy all of these at once, of course.. I bought it on separate occasions, and this is the accumulated result, hehe..

Yes, I just had my birthday (Noooooo.. I got older already, huhuhu) and no I didn’t want to spread the word because I want to keep it simple this year. No fancy party, just spending time with family, having great food.. and great haul, haha..

Here they are!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Park Bom–Falling in Love MV *Inspired Makeup*

Hallo! I’m back with part 2 of Falling in Love Inspired Makeup look, this time I chose the Park Bom look.

Park Bom Falling in Love makeup inspired

I think she looks absolutely stunning here. Don’t you think so too? ^_^

Her makeup point is all about the eyes, she has long luscious lashes, with simple eyeshadow color. In my opinion, it looks a bit greenish slash grayish slash goldish. I don’t know, in my eyes, it appears that way. Although on the internet when I googled Park Bom inspired look on this particular one, the results on other bloggers and youtubers all came out differently. I guess everyone has their own perception on makeup and then translated it in their own way. :)

For the eye color, it’s a good thing I have a blue circle lens from my previous review, so I will use that one!

Ok, let’s get started!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream & Eyeshadow Quad *Review*

Hallo everyone! How’s your holiday? :)

Me, I’m staying in Jakarta, not going anywhere. But the good side is, I can enjoy the empty street here! ^o^

Anyway, let’s jump right in to the review ya. Revlon kindly sent me their newest product from the Photoready range, the BB Cream and eyeshadow quad. Actually there’s also the nail polish, but since the color is in dark red, I don’t think it will match the look I’ll be doing here, hehe.. I’ll make a separate post on that, ok? ^^

Priscilla review Revlon Photoready BB Cream

First is the Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mau tahu tentang Imotiv- part 3: ”How to claim my blog”


Hallo friends! Post kali ini aku buat karena ada banyak request dari teman-teman ya, hehe.. Jadi, setelah aku ngeblog tentang Imotiv beberapa waktu yang lalu, banyak yang nanyain gimana sih caranya untuk nambahin blog kita ke Imotiv (supaya bisa di follow) dan masukin kodenya gimana, so here it is! ^_^

Ok, pertama-tama…

August Update!

Hallo fellas! It’s August already as you can see, and I think it’s time to give an update on what’s new in my life.

First, say hello to my little baby right here… ^_^


Yes, I bought this new train case, and it’s in sparkling pink! :D