Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Some hauls and the first appearance of my Happy Palette!

Hallo everyone! Today I have a haul post for you guys, most of them are from The Body Shop. Also, I want to introduce my special palette at the end.

Ok, let’s get started! ^_^

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger The Body Shop haul_2

This got me so excited, because I’ve been waiting for The Body Shop to bring It to Indonesia! This is Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. The word “Sumptuous” means luxurious or expensive (I have to google it first, hehe). Ruth from Amodelrecommends mentioned about this cleansing balm in one of her skincare video, so I decided to try it. I also bought the Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge to match with it, and so far I like the result on my skin! In depth review on the way ya..

The gold bottle on the right is The Sparkler All Over Shimmer. It can be used on face, body and hair. The best part? I got it on 50% OFF! Yippieeee.. :D (senengnya dapet diskon, xixixi)

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger The Body Shop haul_3

Next is eyeshadows from the new Color Crush collection. I bought it on Buy 3, 15% OFF promo. So not bad, right? This is Sand by Me (matte), Coconuts About You (matte), and Steel My Heart (shimmer). I bought the 2 neutral for blending purpose (and they’re awesome!), while the silver one for inner tear duct. 

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger The Body Shop haul_1

This one is Grape Expectation, such a gorgeous color. It’s a dark plum, burgundy color and I love it! I bought it around a month ago when Color Crush was first launched. This would make a purple smokey eye look complete.

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger The Body Shop goody bag

Now this is not part of my haul, but I thought I’d post this in here, since most of my haul are from The Body Shop, hehe. These are the content of the goody bag from their event with beauty bloggers earlier (I made a live blog post, go read if you haven’t HERE). The lipstick is in 205, the eyeshadow is Berry Cheeky and Berry Cute. I got a triple pink here, aren’t they cute? ^_^

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger haul _2

Another eyeshadow purchase, I’m obsessed with eyeshadow this month! This is Wet n Wild – Blue Had Me at Hello. A bit of beauty news here, Wet n Wild is available in Watsons and Guardian now! I nearly screamed with joy when I saw them on the mall today (yes it’s today’s purchase). When I saw them, I was like, “Aaaaaa… I want you!” *looks at wallet* “Ok la, wait till end of month”.

But thanks to my Mom who’s so understanding with my beauty needs (thank you thank you Ma, mwah!), she bought me this! She said “Sini Mama beliin, daripada kemimpi-mimpi kamu..” Hahahaha… XD

Ehm, okay next…

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger haul _1

I visited my favorite beauty store earlier this month and they have many new stuff! This Bigelow Mentha Shimmer Tint is awesome, the menthol fresh feel lingers for around 10 minutes on my lips, and it’s so moisturizing.

Under influence of Youtuber Beauty Gurus out there who hauled lots of pumpkin stuff lately (they’re in Fall season, we? Rainy season, hehe) I think I will jump ahead and buy this Bath & Body Works Creamy Pumpkin Hand Sanitizer. Now I can smell my hand and feel the Fall season has come as well! Hehehe..

PriscillaClara.com Happy Palette eyeshadow

Finally… The one I’ve been saving for the last, meet my “Happy” Palette!

This palette I made from my old eyeshadow palettes and I depotted them using the heat method. I watched the how to in Youtube, or you can google it. Since it’s my first time depotting eyeshadow, some of them did crumble (boohoo), but I fixed it with alcohol. I also have sterilized them, so no worries on hygiene reason here. They’re as good as new! :)

To carry this palette, I’m using a bubble wrap bag (you can buy it in bookstore), so it’s safe to travel with. I’m glad to say, this palette has bring me so much happiness. Every time I look at it, I feel happy (thus the name). Now I can use them more often, cause they’re stored in one place. I still have more eyeshadows to be depotted, so stay tune for more palette posts!

Ok deh, I think that’s all for this post. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you in the next one!