Friday, November 1, 2013

Hot Ice Treatment Oil from Makarizo–part 2

Hallo everyone! To continue my experience after using the Hot Ice Treatment Oil from Makarizo, this is the part 2! I will tell you on how to use it on my hair. :)

First, I washed my hair using shampoo and conditioner as usual, and while I took a shower, I put the oil in my fridge so it would be frozen.


Ok, let’s get started!


To warm it up, I rubbed the ampoule between my hands


After around a minute, the oil is back into this liquid form.


To break the top of the ampoule, I used a towel to protect my hand from the glass.


Lightly pressing the top.. And, voila!

Ready to be applied!

Step by step:


Take the ampoule, and then take a section of my hair and apply a little bit of oil there!


While applying, I massaged my hair by squeeze them in and pat it with my hand. It absorbs fast! ^_^


Additional step: smell your hair because it smells lovely! Hehehe.. :D

After all the parts are done, I tied everything up and let it soak for around 10 minutes.

20131031_180839_副本sAnd it’s done! I washed my hair again and the result, my hair become soft and manageable. It’s frizz free! For my colored hair, it’s really a great thing! ^_^

If you’re interested on this Hot Ice Treatment Oil, you can get it on Makarizo salons near you. Also, for more information, you can check their social media here= 

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I hope you enjoy this post and I’ll see you in the next one!