Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hair Makeover Day with Oscar Blandi!

Hallo everyone! Today’s post is all about hair. I want to share about my experience after having a hair makeover day at Oscar Blandi store in Plaza Senayan. :)
Priscilla Clara beauty blogger hair style Oscar Blandi_15_副本
Oscar Blandi’s bestseller is their Dry Shampoo. I have used it before and I also liked it! But because I wanted to try the wet treatment and blow dry, I chose to have my hair washed there instead.
Ok, let’s begin!
Priscilla Clara beauty blogger hair style Oscar Blandi_12_副本
Kinda like a salon in here, right? Hehehehe.. Oscar Blandi counter in here is not only for selling their products, but also provides services for the customer! So if you want to try the wash-blow dry service using their products, you can go there! It’s a good way to test out the products, yes? All the BAs there are trained to do your hair, so no worries! You can tell I’m really enjoying the head massage there, hahaha.. ^_^

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger hair style Oscar Blandi_21
Ok time for blow dry!

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger hair style Oscar Blandi_03_副本
The products used for my hair are Oscar Blandi’s Smoothing Shampo, Conditioner and the famous Hair Serum. They all smell like luxurious jasmine scent, so divine! The shampoo and conditioner really nourishes my hair and make it less frizzy. The hair serum is my fave among them, I have used it a long time ago (I bought it at Singapore back then) and now I can have it here, such a bliss experience. :)
Oya, if you notice up there, I have 2 BAs at the same time to do my hair. My hair is so thick and long, so they need double power, bwahahahaha.. XD

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger hair style Oscar Blandi_08_副本
I have this habit of doing my makeup while my hair is being blow-dry, so you can see the transformation here, hehe. My hair has volume! I love it! And I got a goody bag also (which is a hairspray, just what I need!), thank you so much Oscar Blandi Indonesia! ^_^

Priscilla Clara beauty blogger hair style Oscar Blandi_14_副本
Before going home, of course I had to take more pictures, hehehe.. I love how my hair felt and looked after the treatment there! :)

Well then, that’s it for this post. Oh, and don’t forget to follow their Facebook and Instagram account also. While I was there, I was being featured on their timeline., with live Instagram update (with video too, I was so shy, kekeke)! You can check the other beauty bloggers’ experience also. ^_^
I’ll see you in my next post, byeee~