Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cottage Shower Gel Review

Hallo everyone! As I promised, this is the review of Cottage Shower Gel which I got from the previous event that I attended.

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_02

This is the goody bag, it comes in a small straw bag. Really cute!

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_01

In the bag, I got 2 bottles of their shower gel, each in 250 ml size.

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_04

But because I asked a question during the QnA session, I was given this gift also! These are the 4 mini size of Cottage Shower Gel. It’s in 50 ml size. Perfect for travelling or if you want to try a new scent but don’t want to buy the big bottle one. So cute ah? ^_^ 

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_03

The comparison of the 50 ml and 250 ml size side by side.

But first, now I know all of you must be wondering. How is the scent? Because when you buy a shower gel, one of the first thing you're particular about is the scent.

Well, I must tell you. They all smell wonderful! The fragrance is totally on point for Cottage shower gel, because they smell divine. But of course, most people have different likings on fragrance, it is a very personal choice for us. I will try to describe the scent as best as I could, so you can imagine how it smells like.

Since I have the Vanilla scent in both sizes, so I will review it first!

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel Vanilla

Here are the photos, you can right click to enlarge.

Description from the website:

Cottage Vanilla Softening Shower Gel

Softening milk shower with Vanilla extracts

Every morning, give into a greedy indulgence ! Seductive, delicious, sweet, the smells of Vanilla that escape from the famous bottle stimulate your senses.
Its rich foam, enriched with the moisturising* complex, leaves your skin feeling supple and fragrant.
An irresistible temptation !

PH neutre

(* of the outer layer of the skin)


Vanilla is one of the most common scent in fragrance, because it smells sweet and alluring at the same time. In this shower gel, it doesn’t smell like most vanilla scented product that I have encountered, it smells like the flower, so it’s a more floral version of vanilla. It’s not like vanilla ice cream or vanilla syrup, it’s a bit different, but I quite like it! If you like a sweet and soft scent, than you might find yourself liking this. :)

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel body_7_

The content is milky-gel in texture. The consistency is not too thick or runny, it’s so creamy and moisturizes the skin. Oya, one more thing I must mention for these shower gel, it will give you smooth result, so it’s not the squeaky clean result that most Indonesian like (Ms. Sonya from Cottage France shared us this fact). I understand why we Indonesian like squeaky clean result when we take a shower, we think that it indicates that our skin is clean and germ free, but what we’re not aware of, if it’s too squeaky, it means that the natural moisture of our skin is being stripped away.

Ok continue to the next one, it’s the Mallow Flower & Linseed.

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_09_副本

Description from the website:

Are you looking for the best natural products for your skin?

For its Natural range, Cottage has developed a new formula, made with "98% ingredients of natural origin" especially for dry and sensitive skins. Genuinely nourishing your skin, these ultra gentle natural showers gels are enriched with active plant ingredients that have been carefully selected for their moisturising and softening properties. Containing no parabens, silicon, colouring agents or phenoxyethanol, their gentle cleansing action respects the balance of the most delicate skin.

The wild flower fragrances of the Natural Cottage range make taking a shower seem like a walk in the beautiful spring countryside.

Cottage: let nature look after your skin!

Respect for the environment

With a 92% biodegradable formula, Natural Cottage shower gels are environmentally friendly.


This gotta be my favorite among the bunch, because of the smell and the finish it gives to my body after shower. It is simply Ah-Mazing! ^_^

From the photo above you can see that texture is like a clear gel, but when it touches the skin it will melt a cleansing oil. It is really light and soooooo… moisturizing. This variant is made for Dry/Sensitive skin, so if your skin falls in this category, you should give this one a try.

The smell is floral, it’s kinda hard to describe it, but it’s like a violet flower with a hint of freshness. Very uplifting. :)

Ok let’s continue with the mini ones!

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_08_副本

Next is the Ocean Blossom.

Description from the website:

Invigorating Milk Shower with Ocean Blossom

Let a wave of freshness overwhelm you with Cottage Ocean Blossom milk shower and rediscover the pleasure of invigorating strolls along the seashore!

Enhanced with sea fennel extracts and their rejuvenating properties, this milk shower will revitalise your skin and awaken your senses.

Its milky texture and creamy foam will treat you to a gentle caress.


If you have a boyfriend or a brother or a dad, this is the perfect shower gel for them! Not that I’m saying that you girls can’t use this, but the scent is so fresh and perfect for men-use. The aquatic smell is so invigorating and will make their morning bath feels more enjoyable. I’m planning to buy one for my brother, hehehe..

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_06_副本

Cottage Green Tea Energizing Shower Gel

Description from the website:

Energising milk shower with green Tea extracts

With this milk shower, you will find the most dynamic and energising tones of green tea. Its light foam leaves your skin soft and subtly fragrant. A real spell of freshness and softness !

Neutral pH


Similar to the Ocean Blossom one, this is also perfect for men, but I think this one also great for women. It’s a classic fragrance that I’m sure most of you already familiar with. However it’s not like a green tea drink ya, hehe. If you have tried a green tea perfume, you’d like this. It’s very fresh and energizing! My mom is a big fan of green tea scented shower products, so I think I will buy a big one for her. :)

Priscilla Clara review Cottage shower gel_05_副本

Cottage Caramel Gourmet Shower Gel

Description from the website:

Gourmet milk shower with Caramel

Give into the temptation of this original milk shower with its daring and instantly recognizable fragrance. The gourmet and authentic aroma of Caramel will open your appetite. Its rich foam, enriched with milk for its nourishing properties, will give your skin all the softness it needs. Delicious !

Neutral pH


This one, I saved the best scent for last! This is truly a gourmet experience, I must say.

When I applied it on my body, it smells exactly like caramel pudding. You know the caramel pudding that has white pudding layer on top and the caramel syrup on the bottom? That’s the scent.

So scrumptious! ^_^

When it’s washed off, it toned down into a Crème Brule scent, so it’s not that strong after shower. This is another must buy for me! I love it… :D

Well then, that’s it for this review. It has gotten very long indeed, but let me add some details to wrap it up.:

  • The texture of the shower gels is mainly similar, with the only exception of the nature shower gel (Mallow flower one) which has the best moisturizing property among all IMO. For all the shower gel, the scent will last for around 2 hours after shower. So it won’t disappear totally after your bath, but it will linger afterwards.
  • If you want to try out a scent, I’d recommend you buy the small bottle first. It will last for around a week, or 5-6 bath times, while the big bottle can last for around a month, however it depends on how often you take a shower ya, hahahaha.. XD

Ok that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you on my next one! Byeee~