Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Makarizo MK3 Color Revive Hot Ice

Hallo everyone! How are you doing? ^_^

I have a new product to show to you today! Today we’re going to focus on hair, and for you who have been coloring your hair (just like me), then keep on reading!


Tadaaa.. :D

Here’s Makarizo MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil! For this post I will talk about the product first, then on the next one, I will share more in-depth review and also about the step by step usage. ^_^


Here’s the product in my hand. The packaging is made of glass, with an ampule shape. It’s so elegant looking! ^_^


It is made in Italy and contains 10 ml of product in each ampule.


On the side, there’s the expiry date, which is good so we know when it will expire. :)


Description of the product:

Special care for colored hair. With mineral oil, magic serum Hot Ice will fix the hair that has undergone coloring process. Increasing the intensity of hair color, hair that has been dyed will be more healthy, soft and shiny.


Hot Ice Mineral Oil

This mineral oil treatment is especially made for you who have had your hair colored (many times for me, hehe). After your hair is colored, you will notice that your hair is not as healthy as before. It’s getting more and more fragile, you’re getting split ends due to the chemical process.

So, how to fix it then? Well, this Hot Ice Mineral Oil is the perfect answer for that! This special treatment will help your hair to regain its health and shine. It contains castor oil and linseed oil which are known for their restorative properties for hair.

I’ll be back soon with the step by step and how to use it on my hair. Stay tune ya…

Have a nice day everyone.. ^_^