Friday, October 18, 2013

Collective haul post!

Hello there! How are you guys after the long weekend / holiday? I hope you all have a great time just like me too.. :)

First, I want to share about the haul from you-know-where this couple of days, here they are!

Priscilla haul MAC Cranberry Mythology eyeshadow

Yes.. I bought my first MAC palette! I feel like a Pro Makeup Artist already, hahaha.. They are in the shade Cranberry and Mythology. I’m planning to start on collecting the MAC eye shadows slowly, I mean I’m not gonna buy like 20 eyeshadows at once, hehe. I want to build my collection little by little. :)

Anyway, I will make the eye makeup look using these eye shadows soon, I’m so excited!

Priscilla haul Lancome eyeshadow eyebrow eyeliner

Next is from one of my favorite brand, Lancome. ^_^

I bought these 3 on separate occasions, in different places also, hehehe. The eyebrow pencil (left) in the shade Blonde is my staple product these days. I have to use it whenever I’m going out.

The eyeliner is also a great product to use, my mother likes to use it too. And the eyeshadow is just Ah-Mazing! Here’s the Instagram photo that I took:

Priscilla haul Lancome eyeshadow

Isn’t she gorgeous?? <3

Priscilla NYX eyebrow haul

Also for eyebrow, I grabbed this NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil because I’m running out of my dark brown brow pencil. So after I use the blonde pencil one, I added this on the outer arch to add definition and depth to my eyebrow.

Speaking about eyeliners and eyeshadows, I don’t know about you, but I have this strange habit of swatching them on my hands. Like this..

Priscilla swatch eyeliner

All of my eyeliners on different shapes and sizes (with some mascaras too). It looks like I had a tribal tattoo on my hand, but it’s not, hahaha.. :P

Priscilla swatch eyeshadow cream

Also this one, all of my cream shadows and some of my current fave eyeshadows (exclude the palettes). I feel like I have a rainbow on my hand!

When I do this, it kinda reminds me that I have these colors already and to not buy the similar color. Sometimes when you have too many eyeshadow collection, you get lost track of what colors you already have (me particularly), so this is a good way to take notes!

Yup, that’s just the thing that beauty bloggers do, haha.

Do comment if you’re doing this too! ^_^

Priscilla haul Konjac sponge charcoal

Next is Konjac sponge. I got this for a lot cheaper because of the discount and bonus price cut. I’m so lucky! I really like the one with charcoal because it’s good for acne/oily skin. :)

Priscilla haul Masami Shouko brushes

More about discount, I bought these Masami Shouko brushes on a Buy 5 Free 1 Promo! God is so good to me, He knows I have to buy these brushes so I got this great promo as well.. :D

Priscilla haul Hada Labo bb cream cleansing oil

Last but not least is these products from Hada Labo.

I got the cleansing oil, face moisturizer and the Air BB Cream. They’re all awesome and I’ve been enjoying using them on my face. ^_^

In fact, let me show you how the BB Cream was on my face yesterday:

Priscilla FOTD Hada Labo BB cream air natural beige

I didn’t powder at all, these days my face feels so dry that I don’t feel like I have to use powder. Back in the day my face is so oily, but now (gah, I feel old already) I don’t need to! :O

The coverage is sheer to medium, so it didn’t cover my spot-on blemishes, however I do like the finish and the long lasting power. Also it has SPF 50 PA++! I can skip my sunscreen with this, hehe.

Well then I hope you enjoy this post and I’ll see you on the next one!