Sunday, July 28, 2013

It’s Haul Time!

Hallo everyone! Time for a haul post!

A couple days ago, I made a visit to Kay Collection’s store at Kuningan City (my fave place to shop for brush) and bought quite a massive haul there. So I thought I will share it with you guys.. ^_^


Here they are… ^_^


First thing that I put in my cart was this brush belt by Masami Shouko.


It looks so professional and can store so many brushes. My brushes are in good hand now, hehe.. Now I’m still browsing on how to organize it efficiently, you know, stuff like which one is first, eye brushes or face brushes first. That reminds me, I will have to make a post about my brushes collection soon! ^_^

Speaking of brushes, I also bought a few brushes while I was there.. IMG_9549_resize

All from Masami Shouko.


- Flat Top Synthetic Brush for liquid foundation.

- Blending brush, it’s similar to MAC 217 but fluffier

- Pencil brush for smokey eyes and smudging

- 2 lips brush, one for lipstick and one for lipgloss, I should buy another one for lipbalm.

- Small detail brush for under eyes

- Medium lid brush for applying eyeshadow.


The pencil and blending brush are from Masami Shouko’s professional line, and I think I should buy another pair of these. If you’re learning the basic of eye makeup, these 2 are the must-haves, literally. :)


Close up of the Flat Top Synthetic Brush. I applied my new Bourjois foundation with this and wow, I am in love! This brush is perfect to apply and blend foundation!


Next is eyelash glue! The BA advised me to buy this one, so I did. And it didn’t disappoint me, it’s really good! 


Small packaging but packed with a big punch! When it touches the lashes band, it will turn to blue color and then it will dry transparent. It is strong and long lasting. I’m so satisfied with this. (have to repurchase!)


The rest of the haul is all about eyes. I bought eyelid tape, tool for applying lashes, also top and bottom eyelahes. The top lashes one is being used by my mom so I can’t show it to you now, but it’s quite natural.


As bonus, I got this travel toothbrush set and nail buffer. They really come in handy!

Well then, I think that’s all for my haul at Kay Collection. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Sunday all.. ^_^

See you on the next post!


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