Saturday, July 20, 2013

Casual Peachy Look + My Fave Mascara!

Hallo everyone! I’m back with makeup post today! These days I’m really into makeup, maybe I’m starting to get in touch again with my inner-girly self,  hehe..

Usually I don’t wear eyeshadow on daily look, I just use eyeliner to bring point to my eyes, but today I want to try something different. I realized I rarely tried a peachy look, always pink-pink-pink.. So today here I am!

The products I used to create this look:

Priscilla peachy makeup look

Although it’s a casual look, but still there are so many products ya?

Ok, let’s start!

After my usual skincare, I’m using my Kate Powderless Liquid foundation on my face to create a flawless look. This foundation is perfect for a daily look, it has light to medium coverage and suits my oily skin. You see, when I applied this foundation, it will create a matte finish just like after you powder your skin. I’m using my finger to apply this, because I think it’s the quickest way, hehe..

Priscilla peachy makeup look 2

Using my Front Cover eyeshadow palette, I use Sweet Coral for my entire lid and then Cancun Sand to blend it out, creating this warm peachy tone to my eyes. After that, I use Lemon Drop Kid to highlight my inner corner.

Priscilla peachy makeup look 3

Oya, for eyeshadow primer I’m using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  I’m telling you, this is the staple product to have if you want to play with bright colours, it will make the colors pop even more.

Priscilla peachy makeup look 5_

Just a simple look, no fuss at all..

And then, I’m tight lining my eyes with my fave Bourjois Effet Smoky Ultra Black Pencil and wing it from the inside to create a more natural eyeline. So nothing on the lash line, because I just love the peachy color so much.. ^_^

After that, I’m using Laneige Natural Brow Liner in Mocha Brown to fill in my eyebrows. I love this eyebrow auto pencil, makes my brows more Korean looking, hehe..

Time for some mascara!

I’m using my current fave mascara, this one is from Lancome! I got it at this Lancome makeover post, do check it out if you haven’t, it has me and my mom’s makeover!

Priscilla Lancome Hypnose Star mascara

The packaging is so glamorous because of the silvery glitters on the bottom! This is a waterproof mascara, so I don’t have to worry of melting mascara or smudging issue, when it’s set, it’s set on for good.

Priscilla Lancome Hypnose Star mascara 1

The mascara wand and the brush applicator

Priscilla Lancome Hypnose Star mascara 2

The shape is kinda like a pear fruit (kayak buah pir gitu), and it’s perfect to reach my inner corner and my lower lashes cause the brush is gradually smaller to the top.

Priscilla peachy makeup look Lancome Hypnose Star mascara

Ok let’s put it on!

Priscilla peachy makeup look Lancome mascara_

There.. It makes my lashes darker, defines them and holds the volume!  I love it!

Ok almost done.. For powder, I’m using my trusty Rimmer Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent. I gotta say, I bought this because of Tanya Burr’s videos and I really really love it! It’s my go-to-powder for everyday look.. ^_^

Priscilla Bourjois blush bronzer

For cheeks, I’m using my new Bourjois Blush in 85 Sienne (baru beli langsung dipake, haha), the color suits more for contouring or matte bronzer, but I like it to give warm glow to my face. This blush harmonizes beautifully with my The Body Shop Bronzer, I’m loving this combo so much!

Priscilla peachy makeup look Beebalm 4

For lips, I’m using BeeBalm which is sent to me for review. My first impression about it, it smells so good like shea butter and honey combined! I like to use it to moisturize my lips. So far, I’m still testing it and will give full on review asap ya.. :D

Finished result:

Priscilla peachy makeup look 8_

I really like this look! Really natural but still very pretty! ^_^

Although I’m not wearing false lashes, my lashes still looking amazing! Love love..

More FOTD with my fave mascara:

Priscilla peachy makeup look FOTD_

Priscilla peachy makeup look 9_

Priscilla Lancome mascara peachy makeup look FOTD_ 2

So, do you like it? What’s your fave mascara? Do share!

See you in the next post! Happy weekend.. ^_^

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