Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NYX The Curve Review

Hallo everyone! How are you doing today? Hope you’re all doing fine and healthy ya.. :D

Today I’m back with a review of an eyeliner product from NYX, yup it’s the new The Curve..


Tadaaa.. Beauty Meets Function.. IMG_8663_resize

The back packaging has all the explanation. The shade is Jet Black. I think it’s only available in this one color, they don’t (or not yet?) make it in other color.




Ideal for beginners! Ok, let’s try it on! ^^


When I hold it for the first time, it did feel a little bit weird, hehe.. Why? Because I’m used to using a liquid eyeliner which is pen-shaped or eye brush, so this is something new for me too.


The tip is made of felt so it’s not too thick nor harsh to the skin. It glides on smoothly on my eyelids.


The swatch

The tip is not as thin as the liquid eyeliner, but I can also draw quite thin line with it.

This is the comparison of using eye brush vs using NYX The Curve:

Comparison NYX The Curve

See the similarity there?

While the shape of brush and liquid eyeliner is flat and straight, NYX The Curve matches the curves of our fingers like when we’re holding the eye brush, making it easier to grip and hold in place.


On my eye, the felt applicator glide on smoothly and easy to use. Although it did need a bit adjustment for me to properly use it (felt awkward at first), but once I got the hang of it, I can get super smooth result.

About the long lasting power, on my oily eyelids it can last for almost 12 hours. It doesn’t budge at all. It still sits there undisturbed. I’m impressed!

Now my only wish is that NYX will produce more colors of this Curve, how about emerald liner or purple liner, eh? I bet that’d be interesting to try! ^^

EOTD using NYX The Curve:

Priscilla review NYX The CurvePriscilla review NYX The Curve 1Priscilla review NYX The Curve 3

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Hope you enjoy this review and I’ll see you in the next post! ^^




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