Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diva Blue Eyes Look with MyGeoLens - Review

Hallo! Time for another review, everyone..

For this post, I have this softlens from MyGeoLens. They offered me to do a review of their softlens, so I chose this baby right here because the pattern is more natural, also the blue color is so pretty! ^^


Diva Queenie Softlens in Blue

Description from the Facebook page:

Perpaduan harmoni 3 warna lembut ditambah ornamen yang unik ”sweet feather” menambahkan kesan lovable ladies untuk kamu. Dan, ini softlens berdiameter up-size dengan motif terbaru saat ini.

Violet, Biru, Hijau, Coklat, dan Abu-Abu.

Setiap warna tersedia ukuran minus sampai -6.00

Harga Softlens
Rp. 65,000 / botol (GRATIS ongkos kirim khusus Indonesia)
*Syarat & ketentuan berlaku*
GROSIR : Rp. 52,500 (Min. 6 botol)
*1 pasang = 2 botol


Manufaktur : Diva
Negara : Korea
Diameter : 17.20 mm
Kadar air : 48 %
Masa pakai : 12 bulan



Let’s see how the softlens look like in real life, ok?


The outer rim is not solid black ring, but it’s serrated (bergerigi) so it appears more natural.



When you see the color of the lens is so bright and radiant, BUT…

Yes, on my eyes, it appears darker.


It appears like dark blue, not as bright like on picture. Maybe because my original eye colour is dark already? X_X

It has 48% water, so it’s comfortable to wear. And you see, why I open my eyes like that on the right picture, it’s because I want to show you the large diameter of the lens, 17,2 mm. The largest one that I saw on their Facebook page is 21, 8 mm. So huge! XD

When I wear it, it does feel comfortable, not itchy nor make my eyes teary. However, since it’s in plano / normal so I can only use this for taking pictures. It makes my eyes look rounder and bigger, good for pictures, hehe. (I have my own toric lens but it’s not colored.)

Btw, now that I’m wearing this softlens, why not ‘sekalian’ do makeup my eyes nicely, right? :)

So, here’s my eye makeup for today…

I’m using my UD Naked palette to do my eyes for this look, after using UDPP as eye base, of course.

SAM_2648_resize - Copy_副本ww

I chose to use the brown goldish color because I learned that in the color wheel, the opposite of blue is orange, so I think these color combination will make the softlens color pop even more.

Step by step:

~ Foxy (1) to my brow bone as highlight

~ Chopper (3) to all over lid, leaving the outer corner clean

~ YDK (4) to the outer corner, making the V-shape to deepen the dimension of my eyes, also to the lower lash line

~ Blend blend blend! :)

~ Half Baked (2) to the middle area to highlight my eyes, also to the tear duct and the lower lash line

~Blend again, adding some more until I’m satisfied with the intensity

SAM_2661_resize - Copy_副本_副本

Putting on some falsies.. DONE!





If you want to look at the soft lens collection, you can click here to go to MyGeoLens Facebook Page. They have many varieties to choose from, so have fun browsing for your fave softlens! If you’re looking for softlens murah then MyGeolens is the supplier softlens for you! ^_^

See you on the next post! Byeee.. :D



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  1. Cakep banget cillaa... Cocok bgt itu soft lens nyaa.. You look absolutely pretty and adorable ;)


  2. Cakep ce Cilla ;)
    Warna softlensnya juga bagus ^__^

  3. just in time when I'm looking for a new leennnnss *is tempted* aaaaaaahhhhhh >_< it does look good, but 17mm diameter is a little bit too big for daily use don't you think? gotta do some research if they have smaller ones... :3

  4. Omg you're pretty <3 loving the make up as well :)

    You are invited to join my giveaway to win one imported Korean Exquisite Fashion Watch in Turquoise on my blog :

    XOXO, <3

  5. kerennnn belum pernha coba ya ini abis baca reviewnya jadi pengen beli heheh