Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beauty Blogging Made Easier– My Essential Tools

Hallo there! Happy Sunday folks! :)

I’ve been wondering what to post these days, but since I’m not in the mood for posting pictures (still in PMS, huhuhu) so I guess I’ll have to blog about blogging tips and tricks instead. Today, I want to focus on my essential tools for beauty blogging.

Ok, let’s jump right in! ^^

My first and foremost tool that I use is this:


It’s called Windows Live Writer.

It’s a blogging software from Windows that I really really like and have been using for years now. It has easy interface and clean, free distraction environment. Also, I can preview how it’s gonna look like in my blog. And most importantly, it’s FREE! :D

I don’t know much about Mac  blogging software since I don’t own a Macbook, but I’ll try to make a separate post on how to blog in mobile mode or using an iPad. :)

Let’s move on to the image processing software that I use, most of the time I use these:


Yes, good old Adobe Photoshop. Never failed me and always delivers the best result.

You don’t need to be a Master in PS to use this in blogging level. Simple tasks like watermarking, adjusting the brightness, contrast, etc should be enough. I’m still learning to develop my PS skill, but I don’t sweat about it since I believe the more we use it, the better our skill will be.

Even professionals were once amateurs, right? ^_^



My favorite for resizing and viewing photos, ACDSee Pro. With black background, our photos will stand out more and I like the easy interface with big big preview mode. It has awesome photo editing features too! I love its batch resizing feature, really saves my time in doing a lot of photo editing! :D



Now for this software, I know not everyone will be able to use it because it’s in Chinese language, but Meitu Xiuxiu offers a wide variation of great photo editing features. I personally really like the liquify effect and blur effect to make your skin like baby-smooth.

I know there’s a language barrier if you want to use this, but as the famous saying says, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. A friend of mine did this, she told me to translate and explain how this software works and then she wrote it down. So anytime she needs to use it, she just look to her notes. This letter means this and all that stuff. Not long after that, she can memorize it all and use it with ease. It’s really simple, actually, hehe.. :)


Next is for taking screenshots:


I’ve been using for Screenpresso for a while and this software is really good for taking sreenshots. It’s easy to use and have good quality result (not blurry). I especially like the capture scrolling part, so if I want to capture a really looong page online, I can use this to capture it all.

Why would I need a screenshot, you ask?

Well, if I’m making a review, I’m gonna need the description and ingredient list from the official website. so in order to do that, I have to do the screenshot. I really don’t like to type it down all over again. If I want to describe a product, I would be doing that in a simple and short way. If I review things, it’s gonna thorough and complete, that’s just my style, hehe.


For taking notes, I like to use Evernote.

I usually use this on my phones and iPad, this is really handy because I can keep all my notes in one place. Oh, and the real cool feature that I really like is it can save the whole page in a note, it’s called Web Clipper. If I see a really useful blog post and I want to read it later, I can save it in Evernote.


Last but not least is Dropbox.


There are many similar programs like this out there, but this one is my fave. It’s really simple and has easy access for mobile usage. I’ve installed Dropbox in my Samsung Note and iPhone, and it works great to store my photos, notes and everything regarding beauty blogging stuff. So, for example if I have taken a photo for my blog using my iPhone, I can save it in Dropbox and later access it at home using my laptop. No need to email it! It’s all connected. :)

Well then, that’s it for this post..

Hope you enjoyed it and can learn from it too! I’ll see you in the next post.. :D


  1. meitu xiu xiu is the best :D

  2. thank you for sharing this helpful post! :)

  3. kalo buat foto, upload nya langsung ke blogger atau pake apa ce?

    1. kalau windows live writer dia langsung disitu gambarnya nanti diupload ke blogger. buat lebih jelasnya nanti aku bikin step by step ya.. ^^

  4. hmmm I thought I have commented on this post before (or haven't I?) But oh well, six thumbs up for the post :) very helpful especially for us newbies in the blogging world! thank you so very much Xx

  5. This is really helpful. Thanks you so much :)

  6. ini yang saya suka dari blog ini, tidak hanya beauty related aja, tapi mengenai blogging juga suka dibahas ;))
    berguna banget deh info ini. walaupun saya belum punya blog, saya tetap senang diberi pengetahuan spt ini.

    kalau cara bikin banner udh pernah dibahas belum ya??

    Naomi EH

  7. kalo buat foto, upload nya langsung ke blogger atau pake apa ce?