Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Fever Is All Around Me


I know I know, Indonesia doesn’t have 4 seasons like the other countries out there.. But, I LOVE all the Spring pastel colors in trend these days. So, I picked some of nail polishes that I have and discovers these beautiful colors. 



Aren’t they pretty? ^^


Just see how cute they are together..


Top – Bottom:

~ Light Turquoise with shimmers.  I layered L’oreal Color Riche Perle de Jade which is matte with VOV Color Song Nail 7488 which is shimmery. They are really similar in color and make a great combo together. :)

~ Lime Green Apple. I’m using the Skin Food Nail Vita BL 505.

~ Pale Light Blue, slightly turquoise. I’m using the Skin Food Nail Vita BL 509.

~ Lovely Tosca Blue. I just love this color, reminds me of the sea color. I’m using the POP Nail Glam in Eighteen Grass.

~ Leafy Green. So fresh, so bright and playful. ^^ I’m using the Face Shop GR 503.


Also, not to forget my trusty top coat!


I’m loving this Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat. I’m the kind of gal who can’t wait to get her nail polish to dry, so this is a must for me. It dries fast, around 1-2 minutes, and then it’s set. No chipping.

Since I’m in the mood of cute photo editor.. hehe..





Oya, one more thing..

For Spring and Summer scent, I’ve been loving this Marks and Spencer Rosa Centifolia Anti Perspirant Roll-On.


The rose scent is just lovely and fresh. I heart this. <3

Well then, you’ve reached the end of this post. It’s kind of like my Spring Favorites post, isn’t it?

Do tell me which color you like the most for this season in the comment below!

I’ll see you in the next post.. ^^