Friday, April 19, 2013

MUFE Fuchsia Review

Hi everyone! I'm back with a review post! ^^
Today I have 2 eye products from Make Up For Ever. Here they are…


Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes and Aqua Liner in Fuchsia color.


Ooh, I love the color already! ^^

Let’s start with the Aqua Liner first..


The color is Iridescent Fuchsia - hot pink sheen. It has long wand, so it’s easy to use.



Description from the website:


High Precision Waterproof Eyeliner

Aqua Liner is a high precision waterproof liquid eyeliner. Rich in pigments and polymers, its formula guarantees intense color and an outstanding waterproof result. Its ergonomic applicator lets you easily apply an ultra precise line to create an eyeliner makeup look. Aqua liner is available in a wide range of vibrant shades with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes. Easily remove with waterproof makeup remover.

Here's the swatch.


The Aqua Eyes Liner has more shimmering particle (although it doesn’t really show in photo) and more vibrant color.

Next is the MUFE Aqua Eyes in Fuchsia Pink 13L color..



Description from the website:


Aqua Eyes is a waterproof liner pencil. Highly pigmented, its unique formula adheres to the eyelids and doesn't run or fade even under the most extreme conditions.
Its fluid, creamy texture glides onto the skin and doesn't irritate the eye contour.

Compare to the Aqua Liner the Aqua Eyes Pencil is lighter in color and has different texture. The color is beautiful! ^^

Waterproof test


Well these babies are definitely water-proof. It doesn't budge under running water! It lasts long hours too, I wore this for more than 6 hours and it still sat there perfectly. Love them!

On my eyes:

Priscilla review MUFE Aqua Eyes 4

I use the Aqua Eyes on my upper lash line, really brightening up my eyes. They look beautiful with black, right?

I have the Aque Eyes Pencil in black and it's one of my fave black eye pencil. You can see it in my "What's in My Makeup Bag" post recently.

Priscilla review MUFE Aqua Eyes 2
I match them with black liner to make my eyes look bigger, and smokier of course. Perfect for night/party look!

Priscilla review MUFE Aqua Eyes 3
Oh oh, I also have this idea to apply it to the false lashes I have and wow, doesn't  it turn lovely?
No need to buy colored false lashes, I can do it myself with this! I wanted to add more glitter sprinkled on top, but I couldn't find mine on the drawers, so maybe on my next DIY.

Priscilla review MUFE Aqua EyesPriscilla review MUFE Aqua Eyes 1

From afar, it kinda look like purple, so it's really multi function, it can work as pink, and also as purple. I really love this look, fuchsia is such a romantic color! ^^

Btw, I talked to the people who worked there and they explained to me that there has been a stock problem lately with their products. Many customers are complaining about it, and they told me they felt really bad about it and wanted me to know that they're really sorry about the inconvenience. These people are really nice, you know? :)

I’ve heard about this issue also in online, it's because of the new rule from the government about their new Trade Regulation, limiting the import stuff that makes the suppliers need time to adjust. No wonder they have troubles in getting a restock.

But not to worry, now they are back in speed, everything is in healthy stock so you don't have to worry if you want to swing by and get your favorite Make Up For Ever products! ^^


Well then, this is it for this review. Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next post! ^__^



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  1. Looks cute on you (;
    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog !

  2. Yang aqua liner warnanya cantik deh, kak.. ^^ sayang yg pencil nggak seintens yg liner ya kak..