Tuesday, April 2, 2013

About Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils

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If you remember in my previous review post about Shu Uemura POREraser, I’m sure you all know how much I’m raving about it. However, do you also know about the other product that I really really love from Shu Uemura?

Yup, it’s none other than its Cleansing Oil. Today I will talk a little bit about it.


It all started with Unmask, the first “Magic Oil”. I like the packaging which is simple and with mask image on it.

Shu Uemura himself said that “Beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin”.  He also believes that make-up starts and ends by cleansing, so we must really understand that cleansing is the fundamental step in our makeup process.

I absolutely agree with him, IMO if you don’t have beautiful (in this case means healthy) skin to begin with, more makeup isn’t gonna cover that. We women are supposed to take care of our skin. :)

This is the product history since it’s first created in 1967. That means it’s already on the market for almost 46 years, that’s almost 50!


There’s a pink one also! So cute.. ^^

Currently, they have 6 variants with 6 natural formula for all skin types:



I have the green one, which is the Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O “Anti Oxidant”, and I will talk more about how to use and my review of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil later on , so I’ll see you in the next post! Have a great day everyone!



  1. baru tau klo cleansing oil nya Shu Uemura ada banyak tipe hhmm

    Pricey yahh..

    nice post, waiting for the review :)

  2. ini salah satu wishlist aku tpsayang harganya emg mahal banget :(
    thanks for sharing aku jg baru tau ternyata cleasing oilnya bnyk macemnya

  3. i like the cleansing oil i have, and might like to try this one!

  4. This is so pricey, but I believe the result will be good for skin^^
    Can't wait your review.

    Dreamy Princess