Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter Review


Today I have a quick review of body butter from The Body Shop, and it sure smells delicious! ^^

Anybody like mango fruit as much as I do? I can finish 1 kg myself, hohoho.. XD


The Body Shop Mango Body Butter

The packaging is simple and the color theme is cute!


Rich with mango see oil and cocoa butter, this body butter is targeted especially for dry skin.




The texture is rich and thick, but when it touches the skin it will be absorbed fast and leaves a smooth finish. I usually use it after taking a shower, and my body will stay moisturized at the end of the day!

The smell is definitely a winner for me since I like mango so much, hehe.. It smells like a mango milkshake, with a fresh tanginess and a hint of sweetness. :)

My fave body butter from The Body Shop would be Satsuma (also mom’s fave), Chocolate (so heavenly!) and Pink Grapefruit. How about you? ^^


Btw, lately the weather these days is so hot, right? At least in Indonesia it’s been 31'C during the day and it was so hot I have to take cover in the AC room all the time.. XD

I hope you enjoy this quick review and have a nice day!

See you~ !

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  1. kita juga pernah cobain yang rasa ini, wanginya enakkkk XD

    1. iya emang enak banget.. kayak mangga manis.. ^^

  2. i like mango too. i had tried TBS mango body lotion but not the body butter because they tell it for dry skin.

    1. I like the body lotion too! my fave is cherry blossom and rose.. ^^

  3. OMG! i'm also a mango lover. this must be awesome right?

  4. I have that one and I love it ♥

  5. i love body butters from Body Shop! They always smell amazing!! :D