Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How I treat My Acnes


Sorry for the lack of posts everyone, I was sick lately, I had flu and felt soooo.. horrible. I’ve been taking medicine and resting a lot so I feel so much better now.

Anyway, as the title say, I will share to you what products I use for my acnes these days. Every month usually hormonal acnes will pop out here and there, cause you know, hormones. We’re women after all. *sigh

I’ve been using these products for 2 months so here’s the review! :)

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 4

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

100% Pure Multipurpose Liquid 10ml

I bought it Watsons KL, they have also the facial wash, but I didn’t get it because I still have tons of facial wash already.

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 3

Back of the packaging

I’ve used several types of tea tree oils before, but this one is pure and formulated without parabens and all of that stuff. Which is amazing, I think. :)

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil

The 10 ml bottle is small and travel friendly. It’s also available in 25 ml, but I think it’s too big for my need, so I settled with the smaller one right here.

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 1

Back of the bottle

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 12

The opening

You can use cotton buds of course, but because I’m using it for myself, I just use my clean finger to apply it to my face, it’s easier.

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 11

The tea tree oil

The texture is light and not greasy. It’s kinda like eucalyptus oil, actually. The texture is similar, the smell is also intense like ‘minyak kayu putih’. The scent is not the same, but it is strong like when you put eucalyptus oil on your body, everyone else in the room can smell it.

It’s absorbed fast on the skin and leaves a matte finish. When your face has acne, usually you have more oily skin, right? This tea tree oil is really good in making it matte. It feels warm too. Really relaxing. That’s why I use this at night, because it helps me to sleep. :)

What it does to my acne is it helps to reduce the redness and make it shrunk. So when I have big red acne on my forehead for example, after using this, it will become smaller and less red. After that I just use whitening serum to make the scar lessen.

Oh, and one more thing, it works wonder for itchy spots (cause of mosquitos) on my arms and legs. It heals them fast! I like it cause it’s multipurpose and it’s effective.

I’ve been using for almost 2 months now, I only use 4-5 drops for my face in every application and there’s still around 50% left, so I think it’s gonna last a long time.

Next is the gel…

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 10

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel

Invisible Gel 25g

When the hormonal acnes come, the oil production on my face usually doubles up so I can’t use my regular moisturizer. The ones that I have all are mainly for hydrating and whitening, but I don’t have the one specifically for acnes. That’s why I need this! ^^

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 9

Back of the packaging, you can click to enlarge.

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 8

The shape is like a “salep”, but it is in a gel form.

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 2

The size compare to my hand

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 7

The gel

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 6

The gel color is white-greyish

Priscilla review Thursday Plantation tea tree oil 5

When I spread it, the gel will turn into clear color.

To use it, I just apply a thin layer on my face and add a tiny bit more on the active acne area by dotting it.

It took a while, like a minute or two before it’s completely absorbed, and it will feel sticky at first. But after it dries out, the finish is matte.

The scent is similar with the tea tree oil above, but it’s not as strong. It also feels warm so I will leave it for around 5 minutes so it’s set on the skin before applying makeup.

The result on me, I feel my skin condition is better after I used this blemish gel. My skin texture is also improved and help to treat my acnes. The after-scars are still there and I’m still struggling to erase them, so I’m still using whitening/vit C serum to deal with that. Skincare takes time, I know. There’s nothing that comes instantly. :(

After around 2 month of usage, I have used 1/3 of it so it still has plenty left in the tube. But I will buy another set of them, so I can have backups. Too bad in KL they don’t carry the tea tree and witch hazel toner, I would love to try that. Witch hazel is also a popular ingredient for treating acne. I’ve seen many raving reviews about it, but I can’t find it on the store, so maybe I should try online.

Oh ya, almost forgot to mention. I don’t use these 2 products at once, so when I use the oil, I won’t use the gel. Why? Because it’s too drying. It’s like double mattifying my skin.

That’s why I use the tea tree oil at night before going to sleep and the blemish gel in the morning before makeup as substitute of my regular moisturizer. 

Well then, I hope this review helps and good luck on fighting your acnes!

See you in the next post.. Smile



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