Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things You Need To Know As Beauty Blogger: Watermark

Hi hi!

When I was doing my previous post about similar topic before, which is Disclaimer, I wanted to add one thing that I think is closely related to it. What is that, exactly?

“Do you need to watermark your pictures?”

Some may say it’s not necessary, or maybe a waste of time, but! I think this is really important. I’ve seen many examples of beauty bloggers who got angry because their pictures were taken and used by someone else without notifying them first.

First of all, I know how they feel. I as a beauty blogger know it firsthand that to get those beautiful pictures, there’s a long process that you need to go through.

You want me to explain it?

You need to arrange the products first, prepare for the right lighting, take as many pictures as possible, posing to camera for your self portrait, copying the files to the computer, editing  them, and so on..

So it’s not just *SNAP* and then Upload.

Yes, it does add more steps to your photo-editing process, but I believe it’s definitely worth the time to do so.

These are some of the watermark images that I used in my pictures:

PCLogo-01 resize

My blog logo that Carryn designed for me, I really like it! I’ve been using this as watermark for a while now.

But lately I’ve come up with something simpler..

Watermarkcc copy

Pink-themed with stars

PC Red heart copy

With red hearts, I was feeling a bit romantic, hehe.

I know that I have several designs, but as long as it reads my website’s name on it, I think that’s fine for me. What matter is it can provide identity to my images and protecting them from unauthorized usage online or offline.

There are many tutorials on how to make simple watermark for your images (that’s why we have Google), so you can try to create it in Photoshop yourself.

Have fun creating your very own watermark!

I hope this post can give you new insight and I’ll see you in the next post.. ^^


  1. hihi, betul ce watermark is a must for a beauty blogger i think, bisa jadi 'ciri khas'>o< and i always changing my watermark based on my mood >o< hehe

  2. yup, emang penting itu..
    yang penting namanya blog kita, kalau design sih terserah, hehehe.. :D

  3. Hi Priscilla, can I know what font you used in the pink-themed water mark ? ;)