Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Faceshop O2 Mask Review

Annyeong! ^^

I want to share the review of this unique mask, so here it goes!

Priscilla review Faceshop O2 mask 6

The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crystal Water O2 Mask

Priscilla review Faceshop O2 mask 5

The mask is 50 ml, and it’s in a pump bottle with this light blue-ish color.

Priscilla review Faceshop O2 mask

Okay, the back packaging has minimum English on it so I did a little digging online and found this:


Source here.

Let’s just test it out, shall we? ^^

Priscilla review Faceshop O2  mask 4_副本

Everytime I apply this mask, it’s like playing time with bubble bath, hehehe.. It’s fun!

The content is like lotion at first, but then when you rub it, then voom! It changes to cute little bubbles. The smell is nice too, like a fresh mountain air, very pure feeling.

I know the instruction says that after the bubbles start to show, wait 1 minute, and then pat it to the skin before wash it off. But because I loveee.. having bubbles on my face, I usually just let them melt on my skin and enjoy the fresh sensation. I enjoy face mask time, it’s my favorite ‘me time’. Smile 

The after effect that I experience after that is my face feels smooth, moist and hydrated. It does brighten the face a bit, and makes my skin looks healthy. As if I’m breathing the fresh mountain air everyday! That’s the benefit of Oxygen, I suppose. Living in the big city like Jakarta with so much pollution, ugh.. It brings so much pain to my skin! With this, I can feel my skin is detoxified already. ^^ 

I use this once a week, or whenever my face looks dull and needs a little revamp. I noticed that this line also has its face spray, so maybe I’ll try that later too..

Well then, I hope you enjoy this post and I’ll see you in the next one! ^^

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