Friday, January 11, 2013

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Review


I’d like to share my current hair treatment spray from Schwarzkopf.. :)

Priscilla review hair

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Daily Treatment Spray

Description from the website:

The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range has been formulated to perfectly rebalance the hair’s moisture levels.  The special moisturising formula contains two key ingredients; Collagen and Hyaluronan. Collagen recovers the hair’s elasticity making it tangle free and easy to manage, therefore leaving it with a healthy shine. And Hyaluronan recharges the hair with essential moisture without overburdening it, combating dryness and leaving your hair smooth and soft. It’s the first hair care range to use Liquid Keratin which repairs the inner structure of the hair cell as well as the hair surface with identical substances.

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It’s packed with liquid keratin, collagen and hyalluronan. All the good ingredients to nourish your dry, coarse hair. Keratin especially is a natural protein found in healthy hair, and it’s constantly depleted due to heat styling (like curling, ironing) and environmental damage.

The liquid inside has 2 layers that separates when idle, so you have to shake it to mix it like this.

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The spray can be shut with a twist under it, so it won’t get leaked.

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Ok now, straight to the review:

It smells nice, like a fresh morning air (hard to describe, I know) and sprays evenly to the hair.  It doesn’t feel oily or greasy, more like water to me, really lightweight. And when it touches the hair, it will be absorbed fast. Oya, in Indonesia you can get it in Guardian (I bought mine in KL). I saw it yesterday but I forgot to remember the price, silly me.. :P

In daily basis, I like to use it to prep my hair before going out. Every time I spray it, it helped to make my hair softer and moist. This also come in handy on the day when I don’t wash my hair cause this instantly refreshes my hair.

Do I like it? Yes, I like the fact that it helps to make hair feel healthier and softer to touch. However, in a long run test, I don’t find that this product helped to repair my overly damaged hair. I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 13 year old and redoing it almost every 3 month, and I think it’s taking its toll now. *sigh* So that means, of course the result may be different if you have virgin black hair ya. :)

Well then, that’s it for this post. I will bring more hair products review next, so stay tune!
See you in the next post.. ^^