Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hallo everyone!

Another nail polish review here, since I bought some in KL during my Christmas holiday there, so I can’t wait to show you girls! ^^

Faceshop Nail Polish Blue

Here they are.. Both are from The Face Shop. The left one with no glitter is BL602 and the right one with massive glitter is BL610.

I know they are not so ‘girly’ nail polish, more like night time or winter look, but I think the color is amazing! ^^

Description from the website:

*For those who enjoy self-nail art

*For those who are looking for F/W trendy colors

*For those who want smooth, thin nail color application

*For those who want vivid nail colors

1) Restricts the formation of bubbles when re-applying the nail polish

2) Smooth and thin application of nail polish

3) Long-lasting vivid colors!

Faceshop Nail Polish Blue 3

BL 602

The color reminds me of a night sky, not the dark one, but a bright night sky.

Faceshop Nail Polish Blue 2

BL 610

This one is so glittery and reminds me of a galaxy. The glitter does get everywhere so excuse my messy nail, hehe.

Faceshop Nail Polish Blue `1

Side by side. They are complimenting each other nicely. Smile

Faceshop Nail Polish Blue 4

When I layered the blue glitter one, it gets more intense and sparkling! Loveee.. <3

Both texture are a bit thick, but it’s easy to remove with nail polish remover. You know how most of the glittery nail polishes are soooo.. hard to remove. Not this one. They are also quick to dry and so far I’m liking how it looks on my nails. I think the price was RM 6,9 (or RM 7,9? I forgot) so it’s around Rp 20.000,- each.

So, do you like it too? Do share in the comment below!

See you in the next post.. ^^