Friday, January 4, 2013

Laneige Snow Crystal Lipstick Review

Annyeong Haseyoooo…

I’m back with a Korean product review!


This is my new lipstick from Laneige, Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick.

I got mine in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and the price is  a bit cheaper than in KL counter, woot! Only RM 59 or around Rp 180.000.

Description from the website:

Lips Moisturizing for 8 Hours
Essence Complex Activating Technology keeps lips moisture by helping to not lose hydration, and locks moisturizing and anti-oxidant effect.

Fresh and Clear Color
The tiny color pigments is evenly applied to your lips by making your lips look fresh.
* What is Essence Complex Activating Technology?
Essence Complex that is most optimized to enhance your lips’ collagen and lips’ moisture house
–Protein house GAG – to make the lips fresh and young.

Choice of color:




I got mine in YR 328, Styling Peach.


The packaging is in shiny metal, simple design.


With a little engraving of snow flakes on top.


The bullet (that’s why they called it on the blogosphere – batang lipstick)


The swatch itself is very pretty.. But when it’s applied on my lips, it turned to a pink.. o_O

Maybe because my lips original color is very pink already? I didn’t use lip concealer underneath it, so maybe I should try that later.

The lipstick does feel moisturizing (hence the name say so), and it’s comfortable to wear. But the pigmentation is too sheer to my liking. It would be nicer if I add a layer lipgloss on top, I suppose.

For the long lasting power, it stays on pretty nice, it doesn’t fade until I start to eat (which happen quite often haha).


Very simple look using BB Cream, powder, eyeliner and this lipstick only.

From far, it does look a bit peachy, but in close up, it still looks like soft pastel pink to me. So what do you think? Yay or nay? :)

See you in the next post!


  1. definitely a yay! Love that on you.. <3

  2. Hallo Ceecile! thanks for reviewing this lipstick! i've been wanting to try this for a loooooong time, but laneige is not available where I live now.. But I'm coming home to Jakarta next month on holiday, so I'll def check this out.. laneige ada ngga ya di Jakarta? ^^

    1. Hallo there! Setahuku sih gak ada ya di Jakarta, pas kamu kesini berhenti di Singapore dulu gak? Di duty freenya ada aku udah pernah beli disana.. :)