Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kanebo Freshnel White C Mineral BB Cream Review

Hello there!

Today I’m back with a BB Cream review.. ^^

I know it’s been a long time since I last did a review of BB Cream, so here’s one! Priscilla review Kanebo Freshnel BB Cream 1

Kanebo Freshnel White C Mineral BB Cream UV

Priscilla review Kanebo Freshnel BB Cream 2

The content weight is 50g, usually the bb cream only weight 30g. So this has more content in it. The good news is, I got this on a sale in Parkson, KL! So I saved even more money, huhuhu.. X)

The back side of the packaging has everything in Japanese, so I have to do a little bit of digging in the internet. I found that it is the #1 selling in Japan in 2010. (Wow!) Available in two colors: light beige (natural) and medium beige (healthy). BB Cream with Essence, Cream, Sunscreen, Makeup Base, and Concealer. No fragrance.

Priscilla review Kanebo Freshnel BB Cream 3

It’s a tube, but because I’ve been using it for some time, it’s getting messy like this.. >_<

Priscilla review Kanebo Freshnel BB Cream 4


Priscilla review Kanebo Freshnel BB Cream 5


When I swatch it to my skin, it feels so creamy. Since it is a Japanese bb cream, I must say that it’s quite different with the Korean BB Cream. It has yellowy undertone while most of Korean ones have grey beige undertone.

FOTD using the BB Cream, brown eyeliner and some powder to set the makeup.

Priscilla review Kanebo Freshnel BB Cream

With camera angle like this, my lips look so tiny! XD

I applied it using beauty blender sponge. You can see the bb cream can’t cover all of my blemishes. The coverage is medium and it’s buildable. Also, it does blend beautifully to the skin. And no greyish undertones. The yellowy undertones suits my skin really well.

The finish is matte but not powdery, really natural looking skin.

With the high SPF 41, this is good for daily usage, which means I can wear it in a sunny day!Woohoo.. I’m starting to like this BB Cream! ^^

For oil control power, now this is important. My standard mark is 3 hours. Well, my nose doesn’t get oily until almost 4 hours later. Which is goooddd… It’s not looking cakey.

*Sidenote: the weather these days in my area is a bit cold, cause it rains almost everyday. I guess this factor can also explain why my face is not so oily when I tested the bb cream.

Do I like it? Yes, I like that it’s so simple to use and no matter how heavy I apply it, it will seem to blend right to the skin. Kanebo makes great BB Creams and I’d like to try more of them.. :)

Well then, I hope this review helps you in finding the right BB Cream to use! I’ll see you in the next post.. ^^


  1. kayaknya bagus ya O.o jadi pengen coba bb cream kanebo yang ini :)
    secara umum menurut cc lebih bagus bb cream jepang atau korea? hehe

    1. Hmm, itu sih tergantung ya.. Depends on the color, staying power etc.. Aku sih suka semuanya, haha.. XD

    2. ah iya ya memang hahaha :D karena nonton video bubzbeauty yang lama aku jadi penasaran bb cream Jepang juga jadinya hehe apalagi habis baca post ini semakin penasaran lagi XD

  2. wah bagus juga ini, berapa ce harganya?
    pasti mahal T-T, btw i'm new follower in here
    would like to follback me?

    1. Kemarin aku beli pas lagi sale di Parkson, department store di Kuala Lumpur, jadi sekitar 180ribu gitu kalau gak salah.. ^^