Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What To Do Before New Year: Cleaning Your Brushes

Hello all!

Today I’m back with an important topic, what should we do before this upcoming New Year??? Well, you can take it from my Chinese root, because in our tradition before Chinese New Year, we will clean our house to the state of sprinkling clean (baca: sampe kinclong!). So I think the same thing applies in makeup, am I right? ^^

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 12

That and also the fact I just bought this Sleek Baby Accessories Cleanser. The packaging is so cute! ^^

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 11

This is where I keep my makeup brush, kinda look like tool box ya, because it is! :P

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 10

I bought it at some Japanese accessory store. It also serves well as a cosme box with the right height and width.

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 6_副本

You heard them..

Ok let’s get crackin’! :D

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 4

First pour the Sleek cleanser to a bowl of water, the liquid is colorless and smells nice too!

Priscilla Cleaning Beauty Blender Sponge

Starting with my Beauty Blender Sponge, this little thing is Ah-Mazing!

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 3

It’s time for a bath.. XD

For a sponge, remember to squeeze it lightly, not too hard because you might ruin the shape or tore  it apart.

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 2

Moving on to the brushes, this is my angled blush brush from The Face Shop.

Remember to refill the bowl with new water, so the bacteria or germs are not transferred to another brush. Surely we don’t want that to happen.. XP

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 1

Also, when soaking the brush, don’t push it too deep till it reaches the handle because the soap may dissolve the glue that ties the bristles.

After done with the soaking, rinse them all with clean water to remove any residues left.

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 8

For daily cleaning, I use this one from Sephora: Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner 60 ml.

Priscilla Cleaning Brush

You can use it by spraying it directly to brush, but it’s a waste of product IMO. I found that by spraying it first to tissue is more convenient and effective this way.

No need to rinse the brush, because this cleanser acts like a dry shampoo.

Priscilla Cleaning Brush 13

After that just rub the brush to the tissue.

This daily cleanser is more effective for smaller brushes like eyeshadow or concealer brush. For bigger face brushes, I need more sprays and I think for face brush is more effective to just soak them in water.


See? They all so clean and happy now..

Don’t forget to do this regularly ya everyone.. Your brushes will Thank-You for it! ^__^

See you in the next post..


  1. Dear Priscilla, mau saran aja jangan cuma pake antibacterial nyuci brushnya karena nanti brushnya bisa kering dan kualitasnya jadi jelek loh. Kalau bisa, ditambahin pake baby shampoo atau olive oil ya biar brushnya tetap lembut :)

    1. Yes dear.. Itu Sleek Bottle Nipple Baby Accessories Cleanser kok, jadi it's very gentle to the brush.. :)

    2. woww, makasih ci! menginspirasi buat beli :p

  2. cecile..tempat penyimpanan brushmu menginspirasiku ha6~
    nice post :) *brb cuci brush*

    1. Iya kaann..hehe.. Abisnya gak perlu beli tempat brush yang mahal2 la, bisa kok disiasati dengan tool box lucu ini.. haha.. ^^

  3. cute tool box. lucu pink >.<

  4. I spot a masami shouko HD blush brush there! *oh me brush junkie :p*
    What do you think about it? I like mine so much! hihii.. :3

    1. Hahaha.. Aku juga dulu bukan brush junkie, sekarang udah mulai tertular haha.. Aku pake MS HD Blush brush itu malah buat foundie lho, enak makenya karena permukaannya kecil jadi gampang diatur and smooth hasilnya! TOP deh.. ^^

  5. Wuahh.. Nice review & tutorial,ceecile..

    Sebelumnya aku cuma pake wet baby tissue, soalnya kalo pake air takutnya merusak brush-nya.. >.< Tapi nanti bakal aku coba pakai air deh..

    Kalo kamu suggest, lebih baik dicuci pake wet tissue or water yah?

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  7. thanks yang satu ini bener" membantu lho
    o iya sleeknya itu dibeli di carefour gitu ada ya c??