Thursday, December 6, 2012

L’Oreal Miss Candy Review

Hello everyone!

Wanna have some candy? Something sweet for your eyes? Well, this time I have the perfect products for you, it’s none other than L’oreal Miss Candy collection! ^^

The L’oreal rep kindly sent me these products to try so here’s the review..

Loreal Candy Priscilla

When I received them, I was like, “Oooohhh.. Check out all the colors, yum!” :D

Starting from the lips first, shall we?

Loreal Candy Lipstick Priscilla 1

Color Richie Nutrishine Miss Candy #507 Miss Raspberry

Loreal Candy Lipstick Priscilla

Shiny goldish packaging, very elegant looking..

Loreal Candy Lipstick Priscilla 2

The swatch

The color is lovely! It’s vibrant pink and very versatile. The lipstick is creamy semi-matte and no shimmer. It can be matched with any outfit and most eyeshadows, I think. On my lips, it feels moisturizing and easy to glide on. It contains Royal Jelly and Shea butter to nourish the lips and keeping it plumpy soft.

The longlasting power on me is around 2-3 hours or so. Also had to re-apply after I’m eating, so I think this one is good to use in a daily basis.

Ooh, and it smells like candy too! Although it’s tasteless (yes I had to lick it haha).

Loreal Candy Lipgloss Priscilla 1

Glam Shine Miss Candy #708 Miss Apricot

Cute candy swirl lipgloss.. <3

Loreal Candy Lipgloss Priscilla

It has a different applicator than other lipgloss, it’s shaped like a leaf, so it’s able to reach the corner of the lips easily.

Loreal Candy Lipstick Lipgloss Priscilla 1

The swatch side to side with the lipstick.

True to its name, Miss Apricot does have the color of a peachy apricot. The lipgloss feels light and not sticky. It also has sweet scent (yet tasteless), although it’s a little different than the lipstick one.

On top of the lipstick, it adds a sheer color and glossy finish. It has a hint of shimmer, but it’s not really visible.

The comparison on my lips:

Loreal Candy Lipstick Lipgloss Priscilla

Top: bare lips

Middle: with lipstick only

Bottom: with lipstick + lipgloss




Continue with the nails… <3

Loreal Candy nails

Color Richie Le Vernis Miss Candy #305 Dating Coral and #602 Perle de Jade

It has Integrated Gel Technology and specially designed brush for easier application on nail.

Loreal Candy nails 1

The brush applicator is wider and easier to bend, flexible to use around the nails.

Loreal Candy nails 2

Glossy finish and pretty color, yes? What you see is what you get.

With just one coat, the color is opaque already. I think the color is fun, flirtatious and seeks for attention.. ^^

 Loreal Candy nails blue 1

The second one is Perle de Jade. It’s a blue sky - slightly turquoise color,  I love it..

Loreal Candy nails blue

The first coat is still sheer and streaky. It took 2 coats for this finish.

All in all, I really like L’oreal Miss Candy collection, the products deliver bright, vibrant colors and suits this holiday season. :)

Well then, that’s it for this post.. See you all in the next one!


  1. Very love the Nail Polish Color.Especially the blue one .


  2. aaa!~!!!!!!!!!! chakeepppp chakeepppp! *.* aku baru pny lipgloss sama lipsticknya aja, kuteknya aku naksir berat tapi harganya lumayooonn

    1. Iya emang cakeeepp.. Aku malah naksir ama eyeshadownya bagus2 warnanya.. ^^

  3. The colors are so pretty and perfect for the season in Indo. I def loving the green pastel nail polish! Oh so pretty. This bag truly contains great products.

  4. warnanyaa cute bgtttt !!! love it !!

    follow bck yah ,

  5. I feel like I wanna roll on the brown rugs, Ceecile! Hahahhaha :D

    I love the lipgloss too much. It doesnt dry up my lips :3