Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Event



Today I will share about an event that I attended a while ago, and I can assure you it did smell lovely! ^^

I was invited to Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends launch event along with the press media and bloggers. Ok so let’s heading to the registration desk first..


After the administration is done, let’s check out the venue, shall we? ^^


The tables already nicely set


The place was comfy and cozy too! I love the windows with the ‘tirai kelambu’ :)


I have my drink and relax to enjoy the ambience of the café, really nice! ^^


Hmm.. What’s in the menu ya?? ^^


Classic Italian Tomato Soup.. Yum!

During that afternoon was really gloomy and eventually it rained so it was a perfect appetizer! Made us all warm.. :)


Roasted Spring Chicken


Caramelized Fruit Crepes

While we’re eating, Kiehl’s team are starting to guide us through the new collection.


The event was about the launching of Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends range, which consists of 4 new fragrances, body lotion and body cleanser.

I think what differentiate the fragrances is not only the fact that they’re made of best quality ingredients but also the effect when we smell them. It’s aromatic. It calms you down and relaxes you. And they’re inspired by the places around the world like Morocco, Uganda, Kyoto Japan and South of France. Have you ever wondered how those places smell like? I’m also curios.. ^^

I’ve tried the body lotion and body cleanser too, and they are ah-mazing! They said that the body lotion was developed from Crème de Corps formulation but in a lighter version IMO. I finally found my soulmate in body treatment.. <3 They gave me the sample of the products in the goody bag, and on my last trip to KL I ended up re-stocking them, haha!

Let’s check them out!


Orange Flower & Lychee

Inspired by a late afternoon atmosphere in Morocco (one of my dream country to visit), this fragrance blend is sweet and warm at the same time. It’s not too fruity because the orange flower actually smells similar to jasmine, it has a soft white floral feel.


Vanilla & Cedarwood (Hello there Zebra! ^^)

Now this is one delicate fragrance blend, and since I love vanilla, this fragrance smells so yum to me, hehe.. The vanilla scent is smooth and it’s not overly sweet, the earthy tone of Cedarwood balanced it all out.


Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit

Hello Japan lovers out there?? Here’s the perfect one for you! ^^

Nashi is a pear tree and the flower really looks like sakura! Except that they are white in color. The pink grapefruit scent is really fresh and fruity, so summery and energizing! Although the pink grapefruit note is quite strong in my opinion, but the effect on me is an instant pick-me-up. When I sniff it, it feels so uplifting.. :D


Fig Leaf & Sage

Well, this is the one that stood out from the collection because of its unique smell. I’ve never encounter Fig or “Buah Ara” as we know it, so I can’t really tell. The sage leaf is a green herb native to the Northern Mediterranean coast and has a sweet, nutty scent. It has a spring herb feeling, countryside nuance that I can’t really grasp. It’s quite hard to explain ya, you have to experience it for yourself, hehe.

After that, we also had a fragrance workshop by Givaudan. It’s really exciting… :D


Lots of scents to try..


These are some of the ingredients that they use to create Orange Flower & Lychee Aromatic Blends. Now we’re gonna make our own version of it! Oh goodies.. *giggles


The little bottles of perfume oils that we’re going to experiment with..


Ready to sniff them all? ^^


So basically they give us this tiny glass bottle with the droplets to mix the perfume oils and make our own fragrance blend. Ok let’s start blending the juice!


Mine is called “After Rain”, because when we started the workshop, the rain has finally stopped and the air just feels lovely! I’m really inspired by it thus the perfume was born.


We are so enjoying the whole process ^^


Here are our tiny bottles of perfume creation.. We can bring them home with us and I still have mine until now (sayang makenya, bikin sendiri soalnya, hehe..

Oh how I wish for more sniff gathering with perfume workshop like this. It was soooo.. much fun to create your own perfume! Maybe because perfume is something personal to you and you can relate to it as a form of self-expression, just my two cents. I know I’m still far from being a perfumer or so called “The Nose” but I enjoy everything that smells lovely so this event was really a blast for me. :D


And the event’s done! Thank you Kiehl’s for the goody bag, will review them soon..

See you on the next post! ^^

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