Thursday, December 13, 2012

Etude House Pink Box Review: BBDation & Moistful Cream



It’s time for Etude House Pink Box! I know it’s been ages since I posted my last Pink Box review, but it’s better late than never right.. So here it goes! ^^


For this Pink Box, it was mainly about these 3 new products, and now I will review the 2 of them..

First is the Collagen Moistftull Enriched Cream


This products is huge in Korea and many Korean ladies are loving it. And I can see why actually, the weather and climate there is different than here in Indonesia, they have 4 seasons there. Maybe because of that they have drier skin, on the contrary with us here, hehe..


Back of the packaging, you can click to enlarge.


The history of Collagen Moistfull Cream


The content


It has Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream (the richer version) and its First Essence (in sample size)


The cream does smell lovely! It has soft and fresh scent that lingers nicely on the skin, I like it.. ^^

This cream aims for hydration and firmness of the skin. It’s free of Parabens, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone, Talc.


The texture is smooth, really fine and rich cream. The name is Enriched Cream so it is the heavier, richer version of the original one. Dry skin bearer, this is for you.

On my oily skin, I use it as a night cream and when I wake up, my skin feels incredibly soft and moist. For that, I also use it as a moisture mask sometimes. :)


Next is the First Essence

It’s in sample size, with more orangey design compare to the cream.


The essence is really watery, almost like toner but has more jelly texture to it. I prefer use this as serum before my day moisturizer because of its light texture. 

The result after using this for around a week (you only need a little to cover the whole face), my skin appears more moist and hydrated, not oily though. I might ended up buying the full size, hehe..


Awww.. Isn’t it so cuteee?? ^^

This is the Cherry Lip Gel Patch, and I didn’t have the heart to use it because it is so cute, hehe..



It’s basically a lip mask, it’s not a paper sheet mask though. It’s made of hydro gel so will hydrate and repair the lips to make it soft and smooth again.. I’ll update later if I used it already.. ^^

Ok next is the one you’ve been waiting for… *drumroll*


Precious Mineral BB Dation

with SPF 40 / PA+++

Whitening & Anti Wrinkle benefits

When I saw this first at Etude’s Youtube channel, I was like.. “Uwaaaww… I want that!” And then when they sent me this, huhuhu… I’m so lucky! ^^ *giggles 


Complete with instruction and how to use..



I captured the side of the packaging so you can read all the details there.. ^^


Open sesame.. ^^


It does come with batteries inside, so I don’t have to rush to the minimarket and buy some first, hehe..


Easy to hold, fits perfectly on my hand..


Put the batteries first..


Open the cap and you’ll see the sponge applicator


The little button is the ON / OFF switch. See the blurry sponge picture? It’s vibrating and will keep turned ON if you don’t press it again. So you don’t have to press it all the way. The vibrating sponge helps to push and massage the foundation, therefore the result is smoother and more even silky finish.


The sponge is in the oval shape, and it’s getting narrow at the bottom (or is it top?). So it’s able to reach the small area on the face, like the nose area and under the eyes. I also found that the vibration was a bit hard to apply under my sensitive eyes (although it’s fine for other wider areas) so I have to be careful around that area.


The bottle


Skin Care BB + Cover Foundation = BB Dation

I got mine in W13 Natural Beige


It comes in a pump bottle, so it’s really hygienic


The texture is creamy and smooth, similar to the Precious Mineral BB Cream, but I think it’s the new upgraded formula, something like that. The texture is a wee bit lighter than the original BB Cream. The SPF is also high (40!), so no need to apply sunblock before this. 


The natural beige shade still my NC20-25 skin. I read online that this BB Dation has 3 shades so we do have options, not like the usual BB Cream with 1 really light colors. The coverage is medium to high and can cover most of my blemishes nicely. I like to use it if I want to have more coverage on my face, like on event or party. The finish result is semi-matte, close to dewy look.

This is my FOTD wearing the BB Dation during last Halloween party with beauty bloggers, both are shot using cellphone so the photo quality is not the same like my DSLR ya, hehe..


With flash

Because of its SPF 40, it does have white cast, but it’s not that bad.


With room light

Lighting at the party was a bit dark, of course la it’s Halloween time, haha.. :D

Well then, that’s it for this post.. I hope you enjoy it..

See you in the next one! ^^


  1. BB Dationnya menggiurkan *Q* pingin nyoba hehehe

  2. ahh akhirnya ada review pink box lagi ^^ real hand touch nya itu bs dipake buat bb cream lain ato cuma bb dation ini cie?

    1. Iya nih, udah lama banget sejak yang terakhir.. Bisa dipake buat yg lain juga kok, enak buat foundie liquid hasilnya smooth gitu. :)

  3. Waa... koq jadi kepengen
    looks nice on you

  4. wahhh penge bb dationnyaaa ^^ review alatnya ceee ditunggu :)

    1. Itu udah ada reviewnya jeng, hehe.. Hasilnya smooth and evenly spread the foundation.. Buat foundie liquid dia enak banget.. ^^ Worth to buy deh!