Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ohai from SG - Travel Diary

I'm blogging from my iPad here, since I'm away from home, hehe..
This morning I hop on the plane to go to SG! ^^

Yeah, we just wanna have fun and enjoy the city. As always, we're using the MRT to go anywhere here. No need to hail a cab. :D

Anywhoo.. Time for some hauling!
I haven't bought much for today actually, haha..

The Essential shampoo is pretty awesome for my dry and damaged hair, so I'm re-stocking this baby everytime I visit SG. For the L'oreal conditioner, this is my first buy since it is a new product itself, so we'll see ya.. :)

Oya, I've bought the giveaway presents as I promised!
There you goooo...

There will be 3 winners for this December giveaway, and I'm thinking to add something else too.. ^^

To the food stuff...
While we're eating at Bugis Junction this afternoon, I noticed a queue line for this cupcake store called Twelve Cupcakes.

Handmade with love.. <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp" seems="seems" to="to" try="try" worth="worth">


L-r: strawberry chocolate, red velvet, choco chip. 
Ohmygosh they are delicious indeed! The red velvet is sooooo...good!! Bless you, cupcake makers, haha.. ^^ 

On a totally random note, found this magazine in 7-11 near our hotel.. 

2ne1 is rocking the new hair styles! Minzy with the purple hair... *waannttt :O 

Well then, I think that's all for today's post.. Feel sleepy already, hehe.. 
Still have a long day tomorrow! See you on the next post soon.. G'nite.. ^^

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