Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Update!


Yes, it’s my ‘Post Perdana’ after I changed my blog layout. This afternoon suddenly I made a spontaneous decision to do a little ‘renovation’ here.. I think it’s time to say goodbye to my old layout and made it into something simpler like this..


This shall be the last screenshot that I had from it. The new template name that you’re looking right now is called Lugada and I got it from Well, we all need changes from time to time.. Maybe it’s because we’re getting near to 2013, hehe.. By the way, in June 2013 it means I’ll be blogging for 4 years already. Gosh, time flies so fast ya..

Speaking of which, in November I have so many posts lining up. Most of them are in my draft, still waiting to be edited and proofread. I’m doing my best to finish them soon, yup! *fingers crossed




About IBB…

Talking about IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) community, we have so many exciting news!

First, we reached 1000+ members!! Yeeaayyyy!!


I’m just so happy that we are able to grow and have that so many members..

Second, we’re going to another level. Oh yeah..

So you see, it’s not just about the numbers, we want to increase the quality too. We’ve been trying to take IBB to another level by expanding ourselves to the social media. We all know IBB is mainly about bloggers and their blogs, but what about other media?

Good news!

We’re currently expanding to Facebook page, Twitter, website and our newest addition is a Youtube channel!


Cool, huh? ^^

Big thumbs up to Phanie who has worked so hard filming and editing the video.. and to the other staff as well, we’re trying to bring out the best of IBB to the world!

Please do subscribe and check out our videos cause who knows your face is in there too! The first video right there is about IBB bloggers at the Shiseido Autumn/Winter Makeup Launch Event in Plaza Indonesia.. You can watch it HERE.

Also, the staff have been in serious discussion how to improve ourselves, so we decided to give some ‘sparks’ to IBB..

What ‘sparks’ are we talking about?

Huhuhu.. None other than this!



Yup, it’s our first Makeup Challenge!

The theme is : “Enchanting Fairy”

For more information about how to join and etc, you can check it out in IBB’s website HERE. I’m gonna submit my makeup creation as well, stay tune for that, hehe..

Well then, I think this November is going to be so much FUN! We have a lot more stuff coming in for you bloggers and readers, so do check out our Twitter often and visit our website at too!

See you at the next post! ^^

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