Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My first experience as a speaker

Hallo there!

For this post, I would like to share my experience last Saturday. I was chosen to be one of the speaker in IBB 2nd Gathering at Rumah Cantik Citra. Alongside with Mada who spoke about “What Is A Beauty Blogger” and Carryna spoke about “How To Take Self Pictures”.

My session was about this:


Initially I wanted to make a how-to presentation, complete with A-Z steps blablabla… But then I realized it would be too much la.. I only have 15-20 minutes, so simpler is better, I thought so.

This is the presentation summary:


Unless you’re writing an advertorial, please don’t try to ‘sell’ the product.

Believe me, it shows.

That’s why I always state in my posts whether the products are sent to me for review purpose or I bought it with my own money.

The readers want to know about how your experience using the product, the decision to purchase lays on their hand. We may be influencing them to do so but when you do a review, do a proper review. If you want to sell something, do an advertorial.



This is very clear, I hope. When you do a review, what should you write?

The facts, of course.

If the products makes your skin to be soft and moist, write it so.

If the foundation makes your face has white cast, write it down.

If it doesn’t work for you? Do share.

But please remember, don’t judge the products as if they’re specifically made for you alone.

Like this: “Oh, this foundie is so bad, can’t cover my acne scar blablabla, Bad Bad Bad!

Oh gosh..

You can lay it out like this instead: “This foundie has sheer coverage, for you who have clear/flawless skin might actually find this to work, but for me, my acne scar is not completely hidden, I still have to use concealer to cover it.”

See the difference?


This is the one that I always go to, my dear Uncle Google, haha.

When we receive/buy a product, there is a limitation for product info provided in the packaging. If it’s a big body lotion in huge box, maybe it’s all there. But a single eyeshadow or lipstick?

You have to spend some time to do a research first about the product. Google the company’s website, if there’s any other reviews from beauty bloggers or consumers, you should read them as well. Read the details there, compare and learn.

You’d be surprised to see how the reviews are very varied and not all them are positive.


This one is so right.. When I share this to the audience, they were nodding in agreement, haha..

Usually when we write a post, it’s around night to midnight, right? After we got home from work, school, or any other activities. When you force yourself to write in a condition like that, it won’t come out as good as you wanted. You need to give yourself a rest.

Write a draft first and then you can continue on the next time. Put it in the notebook, or phone notes so you can get back to it later.

A pair of fresh eyes can also mean another pair of eyes, another person proofreading your writing.

After I finished writing, I would show it to my mom so she can read it and give me suggestions. Works every time. She would spot a tiny typo or any mistakes that I made. :)


Last but not least, it’s very important.

What does that mean? Proofreading word by word. Slowly. Take your time.

I only need 30 minutes – 1 hour to write a 500+ words post (apart from the photos). But to review and to edit it? Took me 2-3 hours to do that.  That’s the meaning of being a writer, the words are my sword.

A slight typo might seem too small to notice, but of course it matters for a writer/blogger.

There’s no such thing as a perfect post / perfect review, but what we can is do our best when we write each and every post. I don’t like to write “setengah-setengah”. (half-heartedly)

Be thorough.

If you’ve done it, do it again, just to be sure. :)


That’s it for the summary, I hope you find this post useful.. I’ve always wanted to share my blogging knowledge with fellow bloggers so I’m happy for the opportunity. Hope to have more event like this in the future!

See you in the next post…