Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lancome final Duel event

For this post, I will share about one of the events that I attended with my IBB friends at Grand Indonesia. It was a busy day, we had 3 events in a row! Woot! This is the first one..

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla 7

When I arrived at the scene, it was already started. Yes, I was lateee.. >___<

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla 4

The duel event was about beauty blogger and Lancome MUA collaborating together in creating makeup look on a model.

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla 8

The theme is to do a dolly look using all makeup by Lancome especially the newly launched Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara, I think that is really interesting! ^^

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla

Here’s Carnellin and the model. The makeup look is about colorful fairy and it’s so pretty! ^^

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla 3

Moving on to Marsha’s side.. The MUA was creating a Marie Antoinette look, with more sparkles and rose accessories on the model’s face! I think it’s really creative.. ^^

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla 2

Marsha and the Lancome MUA has completed the makeup.

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla 6

Who will win this duel?? :D


It’s MARSHA!! Yeayyy…

As a winner, she got a prize of Lancome products worth Rp 5 million! Wowww..

While Carnellin as the runner up got a prize of Lancome products worth Rp 2 million.. Wah!

3 events a day12

Group photo, but you can’t see me because my head is blocked by Jesslyn, hahaha..

We all got a goody bag as well, check out our happy faces.. ^^

Lancome Duel Blogger Priscilla 5_副本

This is my FOTD at the event.. (since you can’t see me at the previous photo, haha)

Thank you Lancome Indonesia who invited us to this great event, can’t wait for another fun duel!

See you at the next post.. Open-mouthed smile