Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pleats Please: New Perfume from Issey Miyake

Hi hi everyone.. ^^

For this post, I will share about one of the event that I attended a while ago. I was invited by Luxasia for the launch of Issey Miyake new perfume, called Pleats Please.

Issey Miyake Priscilla

Ready to “Share, Experience, ENJOY”!

Issey Miyake

The presentation began!

The fashion designer Issey Miyake is known for his incredible works, especially for his signature pleats. What is pleats? Well, in Bahasa Indonesia, I think we may call it ‘kain lipat’ or ‘kain kerut’.

This sophisticated pleating technology gives the garment a permanent shape, initially 2D, it reveals its 3D form on the body.

Here’s one example, Fifi from Luxasia was wearing this beautiful cherry red pleats dress

Pleats Please1 copy

A closer look to the pleats..

Pleats Please 2 copy

It’s lightweight, easy to wear and simple to maintain. And it looks so pretty, right? ^^

Pleats Please

In Issey Miyake’s website, I found this adorable print ads too, so cute and creative! :D

Well, don’t you just feel curious to know what this perfume looks like?

Here it is! ^^

PP image

The development of the bottle, the 3D embodiment of the 2D image of the pleat, was a complex shape. The cap is also interesting, it takes the form of a floral calyc, it symbolises both a white flower and the Pleats Please fabric. Really out of the ordinary and innovative!

Pleats Please bottle

The product range is in a trio of EDT: 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.

Pleats Please body

Also available in a creamy body lotion and a deodorant spray.


Fashion keeps moving, and so does fragrance!

The print ad is filled with bright, cheery colors of the pleats.. :)

It’s time for us to sniff the fragrance..

Pleats Please fragrance1

Suddenly these girls walked to the stage, both wearing pleats dress!

Pleats Please fragrance

They would give us this pleats bracelet that’s already sprayed with Pleats Please fragrance

Pleats Please bracelet

Check out mine!

If you noticed since the beginning, the letter E’s are narrowed, pressed and compressed as though it was finely pleated.

Issey Miyake pointed Aurelien Guichard, a perfumer to compose this fragrance. Guichard wanted to create a pleat-like '”vertical” fragrance. See? Everything is all about pleats! :)

Pleats Please girls

The girls offered me to experience this new fragrance, so here’s my review:

When I first sprayed it, the scent burst out with bright and cheerful fruity notes. I can feel it’s really sweet and was an uplifting starter for this fragrance. It’s because the top notes are made of nashi, a hybrid fruit of pear and apple.

After around 5-10 minutes, it changed to a floral bouquet of fresh peony and sweet pea. With added Indole, it gives a voluptuous touch and warm vibrant feel. On my skin, it feels light and I’m glad because it’s doesn’t feel overpowering, it's feminine and subtle.

The base notes settled into a lingering  composition of vanilla, cedarwood, patchoul and white musk. I always love the combination of vanilla and musk, feels so creamy and warm to my nose.

All in all, I think it’s really nice fragrance, with the light-hearted character of Pleats Please, it will add joy and comfort to your senses. Perfect for daily use. The bottle’s design is very unusual, but I like the creative history behind it. Fashion does play as a big influencer to this fragrance. :)

Priscilla Clara with Pleats Please Issey Miyake fragrance

One last picture of me holding Pleats Please! 

See you on the next post.. ^^


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