Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodies from My Lovely Corner Shop

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So today I will review some of the things that my friend, Tikka sent me. She’s the owner of an online shopping called My Lovely Corner Shop. She’s also a blogger, we’ve met before at an event, that’s how we know each other, hehe.

My Lovely Corner Shop Priscilla


Okay, let’s take a look at the first product that caught my interest!

 Innisfree Lip Stain Tint Priscilla 2

Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint #1 Cherry

In MyLC page I saw the price is Rp 55.000,-

Innisfree Lip Stain Tint Priscilla 3

At the top cap it has a little cherry symbol, just like its name

Innisfree Lip Stain Tint Priscilla 4

The color is really intense if you look at the liquid in the bottle, so red!

Innisfree Lip Stain Tint Priscilla 1

When I swatch it on my hand, the lip tint is actually quite watery, so it’s not thick nor heavy.

On my lips:

Innisfree Lip Stain Tint Priscilla

~ On top is my bare lips, I have pale pink lips.

~ In the middle is the ulzzang style, I applied it on the middle area only.

~ At the bottom, I applied it all over. I thought whoa must be too red, haha. But no, the cherry red color still looks natural on my lips.

It’s an alternative if I don’t really wanna wear lipstick, but still want to add some color to my face. If not, I will look too pale.

About the scent, yes, this lip tint does have a cherry smell, if you remember the cough syrup that we used to drink when we were little, that’s the smell. (Baunya kayak obat batuk anak-anak yang rasa Ceri itu lho) The flavor is even similar like that cough syrup, hehe. :)

The lasting power on me is like 3 hours, 4 hours tops? I really like to have some snack (baca: doyan ngemil) so lip color doesn’t really last on me, haha.

When I wear this before lunch/dinner, the color will remain after I finished eating, but only half of the intensity. It doesn’t  fade away completely, luckily.

One thing to remember: I have to wear lip balm before applying this lip tint, because the texture is watery, I think it’s not too moisturizing for my lips. So I must apply a transparent lip balm/butter first.


Second product that I want to review is a pink nail polish from Skinfood.

Priscilla Skinfood Pink Nail Polish 4

The color is so pretty, yes? ^^

We ladies could never have too many pink stuff in our drawer. (says a girl who has like 10 pink nail polishes already) :P

I noticed the packaging is a little different from the usual Skinfood nail polishes that we’re so familiar already. It’s more puffed on the side, hehe.. (Ini kemasannya lebih gembung ya, biasanya kan yang agak langsingan itu) Maybe they have new design already?

The other nail polishes from Skinfood costs around Rp 25.000,-, I’m not sure about this one, so maybe you have to ask her for the price ya.

Priscilla Skinfood Pink Nail Polish 3

On my nail, I tried on my thumb first. The top photo shows how one coat looked like. It’s still sheer, so I went for double coats, and it looks opaque already on my nails.

It’s quick to dry, but I still have to add top coat cause I was afraid it will be chipped or scratched. With top coat it lasted for 4-5 days on me, quite good la.

Priscilla Skinfood Pink Nail Polish 2

On my hand, it looks so feminine, yes? ^^ I always like pink on my nail polish, really girly!

Of course with Skinfood it’s all about the cute colors, so go ahead if you want to search for other colors. :)




Last but not least, this cute little bag! ^^

My Lovely Corner Bag Priscilla 2

Tikka also made handmade bags, so I’m very happy when she offered me to have this..

My Lovely Corner Bag Priscilla 3

It has cute ribbon tie..

My Lovely Corner Bag Priscilla

And also this, to secure the bag.. When I asked, why no zipper la? Well, she still doesn’t have the machine for that. But who knows in the future, there will be more options available. :)

My Lovely Corner Bag Priscilla 1

The inside is made of beautiful floral print material, but of course you can ask for another custom material. This bag is in smaller size since I asked for cosmetic bag, not a tote bag.


The family bags.. So cute! <3

You can click at the picture below to view her OS in Facebook.


Have fun shopping girls!

See you on the next post.. ^^

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