Friday, October 26, 2012

La Petite Robe Noire - New Perfume from Guerlain

Bonjour, mon cher ami! Hello my dear friends! ^^

Today I will share about the launch event of Guerlain’s new perfume, La Petite Robe Noire.. It’s the French words for Little Black Dress.. :)


Arrived at the scene with my little black dress, of course.. ^^


Inside the conference room, there’s a unique door, waiting to be opened..


The event was started with the gorgeous MC welcomed us..

Foreword by Mr. Raja Bhojwani, the Director of P.T Aura Essence with his speech of how Guerlain began its business in Indonesia.

Then Ms. Caroline Leuseur, Guerlain Asia Pacific Marketing Manager finally introduced us to…

Wait for it…



Suddenly these beautiful girls in glamorous black dress showed up and danced along to Nancy Sinatra’s - These Boots Are Made For Walking. Fun song!


The Guerlain’s closet door is opened!


Voila! It’s La Petite Robe Noire… <3

You should see the TVC, it has bejeweled Eiffel tower and everything feels so French.. It’s so cuteeee.. ^^


The bottle is an artwork itself, the cap is actually an inverted heart shape, and with a curved bottle, it just shouts for “Tres Belle!” Very beautiful!


For the tester strips, we have this Guerlain’s clothing tag!

*My Review*

La Petite Robe Noire was made by a perfumer called Thierry Wasser and it is inspired by the elegance and eternity of a little black dress, just like its name! ^^

It opens with a fresh start. The black cherry note stood out the most, and it blends with the exquisite almond, delicious berries and fresh, sparkling bergamot.

The heart notes are pure pleasure to enjoy. The fusion of Bulgarian Rose and Turkish Rose smells divine. I love rose fragrance, so this one is a win for me. ^^

After that, it dries down into a radiant breeze of Tonka bean, vanilla, iris and patchouli. Wonderful!

On me, this perfume is perfect for night time because on my skin it smells beautiful and sexy at the same time. The cherry note smells strong when I  first sprayed it but after a while it will mellow nicely and sweet. I recommend this on a cocktail party, a special night out or romantic dinner.

More about the event..


Look at the crowd! We all look so sophisticated with the black dresscode.. :)




A little something for your sweet tooth.. ^^


Oh my, this box is just so adorable!


Even the illustrations on the wall are all about La Petite Robe Noire! ^^



I know, I love that T-shirt too.. :D


The BA proudly showed us the newly launched La Petite Robe Noire!

Carnellin and I took a picture together! ^^


We look so Parisienne in this photo! IMG_2712_resize_副本

Arrivederci, mon ami.. <3

See you on the next post!

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