Monday, October 8, 2012

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Review ^^

Hi everyone.. How’s your weekend?

Well, for me, it’s a very happy weekend, cause I can share to you this exciting review of Clinique products! ^^

I got 3 products from our last event with Clinique, so let’s start with the moisturizer first..


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Moisturizer



This is an oil free gel moisturizer, a good news for me, the oily skin bearer.. :) Also it’s allergy tested, 100% fragrance free!


It has a protective cap with Clinique logo on it..


The content has peachy color in a smooth gel form.


When I touched it, I can feel the texture is rich, when I first rub it, I said, wow, that’s heavy. But when I rub it to the skin, it will melt and sink quickly, leaving a smooth velvety finish. Hmm, interesting.  I’ve used similar texture moisturizers, except the consistency and texture felt more runny and watery than this. At first I thought, as gel moisturizer it will feel lighter, but maybe that’s because of the moisture content. So don’t get misunderstood here, when I say it being too rich to my liking, I mean lots of moisture in it, but not oily at all. It does say it will lock moisture all day.

I know, some people may prefer different things from their moisturizer, but all in all, I still prefer a thinner consistency for my moisturizer. :)

However, it does a really good job as night time treatment, when I use this for a 5 minute moisture mask, my skin loves it. The result after using this as a mask is so addictive. Smooth and plumpy! It’s a must-add step before applying night cream.

And when I need to wear heavy makeup for a long time (baca: kondangan), I found this one acts a good makeup base. Cause you know when you’re in a wedding party, in a huge hall with all AC and heavy makeup, it will dry up you skin fast.

So, in conclusion, I think it’s all about balance. By the time I’m using this, it’s still sunny in Indonesia, not the rainy season yet, so who knows, maybe in the colder weather, my skin will grow fonder to this moisturizer? Our body does adapt to the surroundings. When it’s hot and humid, we need lighter moisturizer, while in cold and damp condition, our skin will need something richer to balance it all out. Since it’s a skincare product, the result can’t be the same with everyone, cause everyone is unique. :)

Maybe you have tried this Clinique Moisture Surge before? Do share your experience in the comment box! ^^

See you in the next post..