Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauty Blogging: How To Write A Product Review part 1


I think I really enjoy writing about this beauty blogging stuff, so I must continue making posts like this! ^^

So, for this post, I will share about how to write a proper product review. Usually when you write a product review, you will only concentrate on 2 main things, the good side and the bad side. The pro and cons, as you say. This is true, but you know, there’re a lot more to say in a product review. So let’s start with the one that we notice the most:

Numero Uno, The Packaging…

I have to admit, most of the time, the main reason why I bought a certain product was because of the packaging. *raise my hand* Guilty as charged, hehehe..

But why not? The same thing when I browse around a bookstore, the first thing that made me feel interest for a book was because the cover. I know the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but hey, it’s human we do that.. Namanya juga cewek.. :P

Etude Lipstick Priscilla

Especially pink items! I can’t resist them.. :)

Well, back to the topic, in a review, you have to capture the beauty of the packaging in good photographs. No blur ones, please. I know what Phanie will say to me, “Yang penting terang!” hehehe.. It’s true, keep your photos bright and sharp, especially for the description area, sometimes the area is too small, right?

For the photo size, I usually keep it in 400-500 px in width, I found it as the standard size for my blog, at least. But you can adjust that according to your blog layout.

I know we’re not pro-photographers, but at least we can serve good photos in our blog posts, it will make the readers easy to understand the meaning, right? Photos can also mean 1000 words, sometimes we don’t loonggg words to describe something, just put one picture, and Bam! You get the idea.

When you take pictures of the packaging, try to catch them in all necessary angles. The front look, back, side, top, take the photos first. And then, sort it out based on the importance and priority. Sometimes, you don’t need all angles, one or two will be enough.

Also, while observing the packaging, don’t forget…


Keep an eye for interesting little detail, like this..

A carving on the lipstick, shaped like a heart and a crown on top, so cute, right? That’s the little detail that sometimes we miss to tell our reader, although it’s small, doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Every little detail counts. But don’t go out and rambling for 100 words about it, if you ramble (ngoceh gak jelas gitu) too much, you will make the readers bored. So beware, use your words carefully.


The Thing About Pro & Cons…

The thing about them, is that they’re highly in subjective manner. What’s good for you, may not so good with others. So readers, don’t make decision only based on that, you have to try it for yourself. Let me tell you how I make decision before buying a beauty product: I have to read at least 3 (Three) reviews and compare them. If the reviews are made by fave and trusted blogger, it would be better.

Btw, my fave beauty blogger specializing in product reviews are:

- Temptalia (so complete), Muse (Asian cosmetics lover too), Nikki, Kikay, Shen, (three of them are great Philipino bloggers)  and of course our own Phanie and Carnellin.. ^^

Everyone has their own skill and angles, but I love to read from their writings, so informative and educative (Phanie of course, giving all the ingredients 101).

I must suggest the same to you, “Read a lot, Learn a lot”.

Here’s one useful tip: Keep your perspective unique . Everyone has their own point of view, so don’t be ordinary. Simple, yes; boring, no.

I read it online that the length limit of a post is 250-300 words for standard short post, while my posts usually have 400-500 words. Medium length la, it looks long because of the images. If it has more words than that, I have to split it to part 2, otherwise it will be too dragging.. Readers response: ‘Kok gak habis-habis sih bacanya?’ XD

So, keep it straightforward, and be honest. People will respect your honesty, believe me. As a long time writer/blogger, I need to point out that we have to have credibility. If we don’t have it, then people will lose their trust and interest on us. :)

See you on part 2!

Cheerios.. Open-mouthed smile