Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beauty Blogging: How Do I Get Here?

Ehm, to begin this post, I would like to inform you all that,

this is my 200th post!! ^^


Well, to start with, I don’t even know how I got here, oh wait, I do, hehe..

It all started with this.


Yup, that’s my first post ever in this blog. Just an introduction post, not a real beauty post cause I didn’t know how to write one at that time.

A little Blog 101 for you, this blog was first named before I bought the domain name. Because that was my first and foremost intention when I created this blog, to share my passion for beauty to the world. And after 3,5 years now, the blog title is still Beauty & Me, simply because it’s about Beauty And Me! (You get the idea)

I’ve blogged several times before, I think it was in 2007 or 2008 in several blog hosts, but none of them last.

But this blog is special, cause somehow, I made it through to this far. :)

Anyway,  back to the topic, “How Do I Get Here?” was a question that me and Carnellin discussed when we attended Guerlain’s event last week. There were several (self proclaimed) beauty blogger out there who just wanted the perks of beauty blogging. They asked: How do I get the goody bag? How to get an invitation to an event? How do I get famous and known as a beauty blogger?

Just to make sure, those questions above are showing their wrong intention. They obviously don’t know how some of us got to this stage.

We had to go through a loooong way to get here. And to be frank, it’s not that easy.

What I mean as a long way is this:

- I have to make time to make the blog posts. It’s not just about the writing, I have to take photos, edit them, proofread the post, re-edit them, yes, it’s a tough process. I.Have.To.Make.The.Time.For.That.

- I have to be responsible for what I write, every word that I choose to type may be used against me.

- I have to be honest.

- I have to learn how to write in English.

- My writings can be copied or plagiarized!

- Constantly looking for inspirations for original blog contents.

- I have to fight my boredom and just start to write. Yes, blogging does need perseverance.

And so on, so on..

Oh, almost forget, another question,

“How do I get the logo of Indonesian Beauty Blogger?”

Here, let me put the rules for you:


Credit to Phanie who put these rules to this image.. :D

See? Pretty clear, right?

The reason why we (the IBB staff) decided to have these rules was not because we wanted IBB to be exclusive, but because we want this IBB to be a good, solid community where we can really develop ourselves, not just a ‘wind-wind blogger’ *blogger angin-anginan, get it? :P

The logo itself is not a trophy or medal, it’s a symbol of determination. It’s a sign that we are verified for our consistency in blogging. Also that means we are proud to be Indonesian. :)

I admit, there are times when I feel lazy to update my blog (blogger juga manusiaaaaa.. *nyanyi). I was dilligent in 2009 (masih baru awal-awal mulai sih ya) and then in 2010 and early 2011 I had to be in hiatus from blogging because I was so busy with college, then on late 2011 and now 2012, I’m doing the best I can to develop myself as a blogger. But you know what, finally I stopped being a procrastinator (penunda-nunda) and started to get myself to be discipline.


By the way.. I’m feeling nostalgic here.

Do you want to know, what I was like in my first year?

Here, check this out, my 2nd post.


Remember when this Revlon product was first launched? ^^

Looking at that post.. I had to take the photos from the internet, cause I had no idea how to upload the photos from my camera to Oh my gawd, I was such a newbie at that time, hahaha..

That’s why every time there’s someone posted in our Facebook group that she’s a new blogger in IBB, I always try to welcome them in warm hugs, motivate them. I’ve been in your shoes, so I know what it feels like to be the new girl in town and knew nobody in the neighborhood. #pukpuk

Now I’m not telling or writing this to brag and to be proud of myself, NO. I’ve been through a long way, and there’s still a long way ahead of me as well. So I must stay humble and work harder to give better quality posts in the future. I had a lot of fun this year, I’m excited to discover even more. :)

So, the answer to the title question, you ask?

I think it’s about: Passion, Commitment, and of course, Hard Work.

See you at the next Beauty Blogging post series!

Cheerios… ^___^


  1. Love this post sis....
    Memotivasi banget....
    Like it...
    Big hug sis...

  2. its so inspired :) keep writing :D:D

  3. Yaaahhh, semoga suatu hari bisa menjadi bagian dari IBB dan bertemu ce Ceecile (impian nih) hahaha
    Hug u ce..... Very-very love ur post. Dan entah kenapa setiap kali baca post cece kayak punya cece beneran ^_^