Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mask Time! Cel Derma Hydrogel Mask Review

Hello everyone!

After in the previous post writing about makeup stuff, I think it’s time for skincare! ^^

I have 2 masks to be reviewed on this post, so here’s the first one..
Cel Derma Priscilla 2

Patricia from Oyo Balada gave me this Cel – Derma Ideal Radiance Hydrogel Mask to try.

Cel-Derma is a Korean brand and she said it’s quite famous there, they are known for their face masks and anti aging products.


In the back, there’s no description in English, but the bottom line you’d understand how to use it la, hehehe..

Here’s the explanation from Oyo Balada’s Facebook:

“Moisturizing and anti-aging mask for the skin care of tired, dehydrated, overstressed.

Intensive moisture gel mask melts into skin leaving it moist and soft.

It immediately hydrates, softens and nourishes dry, damaged skin and maintains moisturizing effect throughout the day.”

Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s see how the ‘penampakan’ below! ^^

Cel Derma Priscilla mask 1

The mask has 2 piece of upper and lower part of the face. It has protective plastic layers on top and bottom, I think it’s to maintain the shape and texture.

Cel Derma Priscilla mask 2

The texture is like gel but molded into a sheet mask with stripes. Also, it smells good, I like it! ^^

Since its a gel mask, it’s very slippery (because of the liquid and the mask texture) when I tried to hold it and put on my face.

But when it’s set on the face, it won’t move or drop. I can feel the cooling feeling when the mask touches the skin, it’s soothing and refreshing at the same time. :)

Cel Derma Priscilla mask_副本

That’s me wearing the mask! ^^

The 2 parts can be easily adjusted to the face, but the mouth area was too wide (or is it my mouth that’s too small? haha):P

After using the mask for almost an hour (because I fell asleep), my face felt so moist and firm. Smooth and bouncy like jelly! ^^

I think the anti aging effect is really visible on me cause I noticed my skin looks firm and “kencang”! :D




Next  is Cel-Derma Ideal Radiance Hydrogel Eye Patch

Cel Derma Priscilla

The packaging is really similar with the face hydrogel mask, only smaller, they must be in the same range.

Cel Derma Priscilla 4

On the back there’s no English description as well, but no problem! :D

Cel Derma Priscilla eye patch

When I look at the shape, the first thing that came to my mind was “a boomerang?” haha! :P

Cel Derma Priscilla eye patch 2

The texture is similar with the hyrdrogel face mask, almost transparent gel with stripes

Cel Derma Priscilla eye patch1

I put them under the eyes and then.. snooze.. Zzzzz..

Yes, I went to sleep, again. The cooling feeling was slowly spreading and it felt like the muscles down there were stretched and relaxed. Suddenly my eyes dimmed to 5 Watt. :P

It’s the best nap time ever! haha..

After I removed the eye patch, I can see my eye bags were reduced and my under eyes look healthier, so I didn’t need any concealer that day! ^^

I think this is a great product for my poor eyes, since I usually sleep after midnight and I have to sit in front of the computer most of the time. #bloggerlife

If you want to try it, you can go to Oyo Balada Facebook Profile here and shop around! :)

Well then, that’s it for this post. Have a great weekend everyone..

See you on the next post! :D


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