Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How I got this “Fire” Hair

No, I did not put this hair on fire,hahaha..

Although when I did the bleaching, my hair really felt like burning! T____T

Well, no pain, no gain.. :)


Since the Dove posts, my hair was really getting better and so I decided to try new hair color!

I chose bright red color because I think I've tried most of the brown colors for the past few years, so what now? RED!

My inspiration was coming from Park Bom 2ne1, who looked absolutely gorgeous in red hair..


Picture source: here and here

When I got to the salon, I even showed these pictures to the hair stylist. Because there are many different types of red color available, and I don’t want my hair turned to maroon.

Hoping for the right result! *fingers crossed*

Started with the… bleaching


Ugh, I know what you’re thinking, why???

But, it’s a necessary process if I want to get this kind of color brightness >___<

It took about 30-40 minutes for the bleaching, and it’s so painful I think my head is spinning..

But my hairstylist was so kind to me, since he knew that I was in pain, he massaged my hair so it ease the pain a little bit. 

After that, my hair was rinsed and rested for a while. And then, continueee..


The actual color was really orange. I asked him, are you serious?

I don’t want my hair turn to orange, nuuuuuu…

But he said, it’s okay, don’t worry.. :)

Okay la, I trust you, I said.

After another 45 minutes…





Cilla Red Hair

Take a picture first with my iPhone! ^^

Love the result!

Cilla Red Hair2

The red color is a cross between fire red and brick red, so there’s still yellow tone to it, but not ‘brassy’ (terlalu kekuningan).

Cilla Red Hair1

When the light hits, you can see the color shines beautifully! ^^ I hope this lasts for a looooong time, hehehe..

One thing that I noticed, the guy who washed my hair told me to use this vitamin, it’s good for after-bleaching-care, he said.


Focus on the scalp first and make sure it’s spread evenly, then the remaining can be used to the end.

And it’s true loh! My hair felt cool and the pain was lessen.. Wah, I know I had to buy it! Also, it’s made in Indonesia, loving our own country’s product, hehehe..

Usually, after bleaching, our scalp will get really dry and start to flake off (mengelupas) so it looks as if we’re having dandruff (jadi kayak ketombean). But after using this, the flaking is really minimized! The scalp is healthier and my hair is so manageable, I’m so happy! ^^

After 2 days, I went back to the salon to wash and blow dry my hair, and this is the result!


Woohoo! Fiery red! ^^


The red somehow looks like a blend of red + yellow + brown, and it still matches my skin tone nicely.

At first I was afraid what if the color result was too ‘genjreng’ but nope, it’s great! I love it. :)


I always like to be adventurous with my hair!


To end this post, let me give you a photo of my recent beach getaway last weekend..


I love how the water is so blue and clear..

The beach is so beautiful!


Have fun in life and dare to be different is my motto!

See you on the next post.. :D


  1. Shut the front door!!!! I want this color! Omgosh now I really want to dye my hair red. The color is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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