Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clio Gelpresso Swatches & Review

Hi everyone!
In this post, I will swatch & review the remaining of the Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner, you can read my previous post about it HERE.

The texture is like crayon, it’s creamy yet still pretty solid, so you can draw the line easily...

If the tip is getting short, you can twist it to make it longer and use the sharpener to make the tip sharp again. Just like mechanical pencil! And it’s waterproof too!

You can get this on stock in Oyo Balada Facebook Page.

First is the blue one! ^^

Clio Blue_副本_副本_副本

Clio Gelpresso Deep Sea Blue

The light blue color is so pretty right? ^^

The result is matte and no shimmer

If you want to add some color in your eyes, try this blue eyeliner! I’ve seen many girls wearing this type of blue and they look great! Blue is the new black, hehe..


Next is the green one..

Clio Green_副本_副本

Clio Gelpresso Leaf Green

Just like its name, the green is pretty much like the leaf color, hehehe..

The result is matte and it looks lighter on the eyes


 Clio Gold_副本_副本

Clio Gelpresso Gold Shine

The result is really really shiny! Pretty! ^^

It’s great for under eyes and in the inner corner, it will make your eyes so sparkling!


Clio Purple11_12

Clio Gelpresso Star Purple

The purple color is gorgeous! My mom loves this color! ^^

I have a friend who loves purple and she also fell in love with this one!


Clio Silver

Last but not least is the Metallic Silver

The color is really sparkly and really nice when I wear it on the under eyes, really brighten up my eyes! ^^


Here’s my EOTD (Eye of The Day) photo with them:

Clio Blue

Using the Clio Deep Sea Blue, my eyes are looking fresh and so cheerful! The color really pops out! ^^

Clio Blue Green

Combining with the Clio Leaf Green, I’m ready for a day full of fun! ^^

Clio Purple Silver

With this Clio Star Purple and Metallic Silver. I will look so glamorous for a night party! ^^

Clio Gold Black

I like this combination the most, it’s Clio Golden Black and Gold Shine, they really compliment each other! ^^

You can go to Oyo Balada Facebook page and profile or you can see the banner below


Happy shopping then.. ^^

See you on the next post!

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