Monday, September 24, 2012

Clinique Luncheon With Beauty Bloggers! ^^

Hello everyone!

I’m back with an event report.. :)

Last week, I got an invitation from Clinique Indonesia for a luncheon event with Rick Felecia, Regional Education Manager, Clinique Asia Pasific.

Remboelan Restaurant Plaza Senayan

The event took place at Remboelan Restaurant at Plaza Senayan, 4th floor. It was a private lunch event with only 5 beauty bloggers to attend: me, Mada, Carnellyn, Dessy and Ichil. We really had a great time! ^^

Luncheon with Rick Felecia

Mada and Carnellyn were so serious listening to Rick’s explanation, hehe..

We had Indonesian food, lots and lots of them. We even have rujak and shaved ice for dessert, I sure was full at that time.. haha :D

Clinique product

These are some of the Clinique product displayed on the table. I’m curious about their serum and BB Cream.. :D


Chubby Sticks! There will be more shades coming so stay tune girls! ^^

I didn’t take much photo of the food, because we were focusing on the Q&A session with Rick. He answered to my questions and the girls patiently, he even had to stop eating many times to answer our questions, hehe.

The lunch time was originally set to 1 hour, but because we’re having such a great time talking, in the end we spent two hours. The rest of the Clinique team also very nice to us, thank you everyone for all of your kindness and hospitality! :)






After lunch, we went downstairs to Clinique counter at SOGO. They’re having a new concept counter, so everything was more consumer-friendly and they also introduced this …


It’s called the Choice Bar. So all you gotta do is choose one of the bracelet according to your need.


The white one means you just want a quick transaction. Pink means you just want to browse and look around, while the green one means you have the time and want to consult the BA. As simple as that.


The new concept store feels fresher and more convenient for the customer. I like how they organize all the products neatly according to our skin types.


The Beauty Advisor was explaining about the newly revamped Clinique counter. I love how they’re dressed in formal attire with their lab coat on, it surely shows the image of clinical feeling and hygiene for me. :)


In Indonesia, these are the 6 bestseller items. I wouldn’t be surprised since they have received raving reviews from bloggers around the world! ^^


Also available these hugeee.. size of Clinique 3 step care products. Awesome!


On the display shelves, we can see the price of each product was placed under it. So if you’re wearing the white bracelet (just want a quick & simple transaction), it’s very convenient. Just grab and go. :)

Clinique even better

The new Clinique Even Better Makeup Foundation and Clinical Serum! ^^


Ibu Budiarti from Sales Department and Andre the Beauty Advisor posing with them.. Thank you Ibu Budi for your kind explanation about Clinique.. :)


We also got the chance to consult with a dermatologist concerning our skin problems. Her name is Dr. Sandra, and she’s super nice! Thank you so much, Doctor! ^^


I also took a picture with Mada & Mbak Dessy. I love how Mada looked that day, she’s rocking the gipsy style!



We also received a goody bag containing these.. The review is coming up soon! It sure was a great day for us, can’t wait for the next Clinique event!

See you on the next post.. <3