Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beauty Blogging: It’s about Quality

Hi everyone!
I think it’s time for me to share some of my beauty blogging knowledge to you.. After all, beauty blogging is not only about review and tutorial, right? It’s about sharing your experience in all things related to beauty … and blogging too.

I’ve been observing that blogging in Indonesia has become a trend now. Everyone’s seems to be having a blog these days. Some of them are focusing in beauty stuff. Like you and me.

The first time we started Indonesian Beauty Blogger community in February 2012, it only has 7 members, the original staff. I guess most of you have guessed who. After that, the number continues to be rising and rising. Up to now (Sep 24th), we have 902 members already. Nine hundred and two! Imagine that..

But even so, my dear readers and bloggers,
blogging is not about the numbers.

It’s about passion. 

It’s about you, expressing yourself in form of writing, photos and even videos. With your stories and strong opinions, that’s what matter the most. 

There’re some of you asking, which language should I use, Bahasa Indonesia or English? 

I think, which one you use doesn’t really matter. As long as you can prove that your post has good quality and people can gain something out of it, language is not a barrier anymore. 

For me, the minute I open someone’s blog and read his/her post, I can tell whether he/she has the passion for blogging or not. You can tell that immediately. And that is, the very reason I would follow his/her blog. :) 

You don’t need a fancy layout, bling-bling header or even flawless face to do that. Your blog content will tell it all. 


What makes a good quality?

There are a million factors that I can mention, but the top 3 on the list would be: content, content, content.

It’s about the heart of your writing, how you express yourself, your personality that shows in your choice of words, your grammar (are you or is you?), the photos you took in each post, and many many more. 

From there, you will realized that blogging is not just a form of entertainment. It’s part of a lifestyle. It’s part of your life. 

Recently, there were some of the members revealing that they’re pregnant and expecting their baby with so much excitement. We share the same excitement as they are. We feel happy for them. That is the part where we share our life with the readers. And it feels great, right? 

I lost count on how many new friends I’ve made through blogging. I’ve met so many wonderful people, my readers, blogger friends, people from the company and media. All of them that I cherished dearly. Not only in Indonesia, but also from around the world. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? 

I believe that we should put more effort in our posts, and give more passion in them. Because what we give is what we will gain. 

And please be notified that I’m not talking about fame, money or even sponsors. Blogging is so much more than that. 

Let’s focus on the quality of our posts first, then everything will follow. 

Cheerios.. :)


  1. Admittedly, when I do some blog-walking I noticed that there are indeed sloppily-written reviews. Not saying mine is good already, God no, I'm still learning too D:

    But in the end toh our writing juga yang decide who's gonna come back to our page and who won't. Readers are smart, methinks. They can tell mana yang bagus mana yang ga.

    Like me aja when I used to be a non-blogger. Toh ujug2nya I keep coming back to your blog, Phanie's, sama siapa lagi tuh. Oia, Stella's juga. Mada's beberapa kali lah.

    Sporadis, memang kegiatan blogging ini. But I'm pretty sure, sesure-surenya umat kalo kita semua tau mana blogger yang punya kualitas mana yang kagak. Mana yang ikut-ikutan doang, mana yang beneran usaha untuk kasih review terbaek.

    Mau nulis bagus ato kagak, it's their choice. But in the end, yang bagus ya bertahan, yang kagak bagus ya gugur. Yang penting senang! 8D *ditabok*

    - Roma (Bukan Irama)

  2. Nice writeup. :) it's good the number of bloggers are increasing. To me I feel a quality post is very subjective, it may qualify as being a good post by the writer but in another's eyes it's just not up to par.

    Nevertheless I always feel we should just write what brings joy to us. Never let anyone else dictate our writing style. For example, in my case, some readers wanted a personal blog, but my writeups have always been about my experiences at events, eateries and the occasional product reviews, movies I attended and travels I go on. It's never a diary to begin with, so you can't actually please everyone.

  3. Great tips! In my experience, I started a blog without a single knowledge of how to start a blog. Lol a friend of mine sfarting her blog first then encourage me to do a blog because she knows i love make up, beauty and cosmetic related. Oh and I love reading blogs too. I have my 5 beauty blogger that I go to daily here in US. Anyway, in my case, i am still learning on how to write well. I am just doing my own thing whether it works or not, only time will tell. What matters to me the most is that I am having fun and love every minute of it.

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