Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pineapple Amaze-Ball–The Yumminess


Long time no post in English here, hehehe..

This is an intermezzo from all the beauty posts, so this time I want to talk about food! Yes, glorious food! ^^

Usually, in time near Ramadhan like this, we all will be waiting for Lebaran cookies, right?

Kastengel, Putri Salju (Snow White??), Nastar, Chocolate cookies, and so on..

But, my fave of all time is Nastar! ^^

What is Nastar, you say?

Nastar is baked cookies with pineapple jam filling, shaped like a tiny ball. Crispy crust in the outside, with sweet-sour pineapple  filling inside, yum!

Even thinking about it already made me drooling.. :-)”””

So, when I went to you-know-where yesterday, I bought this…

nastar 2 copy

They’ve been making cookies since 1965?? Wow!

Let’s see the inside…

nastar1 copy

Hohoho…. It’s Nastar a.k.a Pineapple Balls!! :D

At first I thought, pineapple balls would be pineapple being cut and shaped round like balls but noooo.. hahahaha.. :P

nastar copy

Nyam nyam nyam..

(Sorry for the crack and crumbles  since they’ve been squashed around in my suitcase, hehehe..)

The taste is… yummm..

I can really feel the “pineapple-ness” inside!

This is a must have during Lebaran! ^__^

So what’s your fave Lebaran cookies??

Tell me! ^^

See you on the next post…

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