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Korea Trip Part 2: Our Epic Journey


Continuing from part 1..

This is part 2 of my Korea trip!

Since I’m a new girl in town, I contacted my blogger friend Tiara from who happened to be in Seoul too! She’s studying summer school in Inha University, so I asked her to accompany me this afternoon, and she said Yes!

It’s funny actually, she’s a blogger from Yogya, Indonesia and I’m a beauty blogger from Jakarta. We could’ve met somewhere in Indonesia, but here we are, meeting for the first time and suddenly we’re adventuring together in Seoul! Fate sometimes is odd, I tell you. :)

Our journey started in the subway station, as always..


The Myeong Dong station, it’s located right in front of the Skypark Hotel, so convenient!


Super Junior on the bilboard! Kyaaaaaa… #scream #suchafangirl

The subway in Seoul were pretty similar with the one in Singapore, and the payment method is also with card, so I bought this!

photo (4)

That’s Hangeul alphabet! (Korean’s letters)

T Money multi payment card, can be used in subway, bus, 7 Eleven..  2500 Won for the card and then I top up 10.000 Won since Tiara told me the subway fare is 1000 Won or Rp 8.400 (1 way).

And… Off we go!

1st destination for today:

md to hd_副本

Hong Dae turned out to be not very far from Myeong Dong..


Yay! We’ve arrived in Hong Dae! ^^


There’s this ahjumma who sells snack on the street..


I couldn’t help but notice this cute baby clothing stall.. So cute! ^^

The surrounding in Hong Dae


Dunkin Donuts!






Cute shops and café everywhere!

We actually wanted to go to Hello Kitty café, but we couldn’t find it..

Crepes shop


Many street sellers


Etude House store is here too!


We stopped there because Tiara wanted to buy some stuff


We also went to this Lomography store since her final project was about Lomography

It’s a cute store, but the price of the cameras inside was ….. T________T


Tourist pose in Hong Dae’s street walk ^^

After around 1-2 hours walking around there, I said to her that we had to go to Dongdaemun to buy some souvenirs for my friends and family. We tried to go to back to the subway station, but…

We’re lost! It seems, the deeper we wander around Hong Dae, we lost track of way and we don’t even know where we were. We’re still in Hong Dae, of course.. But in which part?

I thought the situation is funny, especially seeing Tiara was looking like this, hahaha..


Tiara’s “Lost in Seoul” epic pose :P

But don’t worry, we made it back to the station…

I don’t know how, but we finally made it.. hahaha… *phew*




*fast forward to 20 minutes later*

We arrived in Dongdaemun, but…

Turned out, it’s not the Dongdaemun market that we're looking for, it’s the Dongdaemun stadium! We stopped at the wrong station! Aiyaaaaa… >____<

When we got out the station, we were confused..

The very same thing I said to Tiara 20 minutes ago, “Where are we?”

She hurried to see the map near the subway exit, and said …


“Oops I did it again” pose :P



Oh well, since we’re already there and I don’t want to go back to the station again, we decided to wander around there. But first, tourist pose is a must!


It’s so hot at that time, 33’C!


Even the road is very interesting!


We saw this tall mall building from far and we wanted to go there. But we had to cross by the zebra cross which was located Far Far Away in the end of the road. Gosh, it was tiring!

But it’s okay, exercise..exercise..

After finally arrived at mall, we found out that the mall was majorly about fashion and didn’t have souvenir shop in there so we stepped outside to try our luck.

But first, water please!


Korean Natural Mineral Water

I was so thirsty I could drink 3 bottle of this, hehehe..

In Korea, they don’t really drink hot water, they drink cold water. This water bottle, for example, was put in the  freezer so it can be served cold. You can see the ice inside.


Here’s Tiara, say cheese! ^^

We walked to the right and found out there’re so many clothes sellers.




Cheap clothes are everywhere! ^^ 5000 Won is around Rp 42.000, while 10.000 Won is around Rp 84.000 (today’s rate)


Accessories are available too..


So many people!


I was thirsty at that time (again), so I bought the Korean milk, many people passing by in front of me was drinking this, so I got curious, hehe.


Yum! Turned out the taste is yummy too, it’s like banana+vanilla milkshake to me.. Very refreshing! :)

Believe it or not, when I took these pictures, it was 6.30 PM there! It’s like 4-5 PM here in Indonesia, right? Still bright and sunny!

The sun is about to set at around 7.30 PM, and it’s dark by 8 PM.

Korea’s time is 2 hours ahead of us in here, so no wonder, hehe..




After finished having fun in Dongdaemun, we went back to the hotel to have dinner, starving! Since Tiara had to have her fasting break too, so we’re looking something halal and delicious near there, perhaps seafood? :)

At the hotel, we met with Stella’s friend, who’s also Indonesian, currently studying in Inha, Seoul too, her name is Kenny! Her real name is Niken but since it’s difficult for her Korean friends to pronounce it, she made it to Kenny (backwards) so Kenny it is! LOL :D

She speaks fluent Korean and knows Seoul well, so we’re counting on her for great food tonight!

Again, it’s not just a coincidence that we met her, it’s gotta be fate! ^^

So off we go to dinner!


Myeong Dong at night is really amazing, bright lights and great crowd! So excited to be here..


See the crowd? People go out at night for shopping and food


Cute accessories are everywhere!

Kenny recommended this place for our dinner…


Ok let’s go inside! ^^


Wow, it’s packed with people!


This is the table next to us, the waiter is cooking something and it smells good!!


Kenny’s talking to waiter and ordering the food for us. I envy her for speaking such fluent Korean, it’s like watching the KDrama, hahaha..

Everyone else in the restaurant was speaking in Korean too, so I thought, this is not the KDrama, we ARE in the “KCountry”, haha! ^^

While waiting for the food, we chatted and exchange stories, you know girls, hehehe… We got along instantly! :D

Oh yeah, we chatted and talked out loud in Bahasa Indonesia, we noticed that people next to us were watching, hahaha..

After a while…


Yay, our food is here! ^^ Kenny ordered this dish (I forgot the name) with chicken and seafood!

It’s enough to share with the 3 of us, we eat it with rice and soup!

Looks yummy!


The waiter put this round thingy to protect us from the heat and the cooking process

It’s slowly cooked…

It sure smelled really gooodddd… ^^

But first, here’s our eating pose!


Kenny is so funny, hahaha..


Me and Tiara, hehehehe..

Well then…


Time to hit the plate, yeah!


Wow, the food was amazing and I sure was full! If I ever go to Korea someday in the future, I want to eat this again!  (Promise to myself, I will!)

Although it looked very red, actually is not that spicy and really  tasty (gurih)! They give us generous amount of seafood, I love the shrimps! The vegetables you see are cauliflower (kol), so it’s very healthy too! ^^




Well then, that’s it for this part 2 post! It’s been a long journey, yes? ^^

I enjoyed every moment I spent in Seoul and I’m very thankful for my friends: Tiara and Kenny. You girls were so kind to me and made me so happy during this trip! Love you two! ^^

Hopefully we’ll meet again someday, maybe in Indonesia or maybe in other part of this world? I don’t know, time will tell, hehe..

On part 3 of this Korea Trip post, I will take you on the journey to Etude House store in Myeong Dong and finally… The Pink Play Concert!

Stay tune and see you on the next post!

Annyeong! ^____^

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