Saturday, August 18, 2012

Etude House July Pink Box Review–Wonder Pore

Hello ladies!

Now I’m back with the review of Etude House July Pink Box! ^^

It’s always exciting to open this monthly Pink Box, cause you’ll never know what the star product and the extras inside.. :D

Etude July Pink Box

So many! Thank you Etude House! ^______^

When I opened the Pink box, I found this huge box, and it was heavy too. I think, what are these? :)
Wow! Look at them! ^^

Etude Wonder Pore all copy

It’s the star products for this month, The Wonder Pore series!

The Wonder Woman for your pores! :D


Total Pore Solution 7 in 1!

Let’s see them one by one, shall we? ^^

First is Wonder Pore Freshner!

This product is really popular among my friends, so when Etude House sent me this, I’m so excited to try it.. :D

Etude Wonder Pore fresh copy

It came in this huge 500 ml bottle. (half a litre!)


When you open the cap, you will see this pump!


Just put the cotton on top of it, and push 2-3 times (gently ya, don’t push too hard)


Ready to use! ^^


How to use: wipe your face with it and then let the leftover toner fully absorb to the skin by gently patting it.

After it touches the skin, there’s a cooling and fresh sensation which I like, perfect to use in the morning. Maybe that’s why it’s called freshner ya, hehe..

The effect after using this toner, I feel my face is moist and bouncy, the pores appearance is minimized too. It’s good for my oily skin, since it helps to control the sebum. The smell is not like the foam, it has more subtle scent.

For me, this toner can also be used after cleansing my makeup with cleansing milk, cause it deeply cleanse the pore from oil and dirt. For travel, I put it into mist type container and spray it to my face.

I also read that it’s recommended to use right before sleep to protect your pores, nice! ^^




Ok, continue with the Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming and its cute brush. Together, they will deeply cleanse your pores! ^^

Etude Wonder Pore Foam copy

It supplies carbonated pore cleansing, moisturizing and tightening care


The brush is so cute.. You can put it inside the cap so it ‘s more hygienic

Wonder Pore foam 1 copy

Dispense onto hand and you’ll get soft and fluffy foam

Wonder Pore foam 2 copy

It won’t drop! Good texture and consistency.. ^^

Wonder Pore foam copy
Ok, let’s try it with the brush! ^^

Etude Wonder Pore Foam copy_副本

Washing my face with this whip foam is so much fun! ^^

Using the brush, the soft foam glides easily on my skin, it cleanses without over drying..

The foam smells like peppermint combined with fresh green notes, I like the scent.

There’s also a cooling sensation after I message the foam for a while, it feels good! :D

After rinsing with water, my face feels soft and cool, the pores are less visible too.. So my face looks smooth.




Last but not least from the Wonder Pore series, we have the Wonder Pore Clay Clear

Etude Wonder Pore clay copy

This is a wash-off facial pack formulated with Glacial Pack that will absorb oil to cleanse and tighten pores with carbonation.


The spatula makes you easier to apply the mask

Etude Wonder Pore Clay1 copy

The inside


The clay has a unique texture, unlike any clay mask, it has little holes in it, bouncy when you touch it! ^^

Time to try the clay mask!


How to: Apply the mask evenly with spatula onto cleansed face, avoiding the eyes and mouth area. Use once or twice a week for best results.

When I apply it, I can feel cooling sensation too, and it lasts! The cooling sensation fades when the mask starts to dry.

The mask will be dry after around 20 minutes, gently rinse off with water.

I can feel the mask is working on my skin, as it dries away, it cleanse and tighten the pores.

After using this, I feel that my face is brighter and the pores on my skin looks smooth and minimized. Love the result!


Alright then, that’s it for this post, I’ll write the review of the remaining products in a separate post yaaa…

Not to forget, I want to say “Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri” for all my friends out there! ^__^

Mohon maaf lahir batin yaaaa.. :D

Have a great celebration and don’t forget to share me some Lebaran cookies, hahaha..

See you on the next post!


  1. Hi there pretty girl! Can you please tell me how I can buy these products? I'm In Texas, USA

  2. setelah pakai ini, pori2 jadi mengecil ga? :)

    visit my blog ^^

  3. ahhh pengenn.. >,<
    bener kecilin pori2 gk ce?

  4. How do you get the pink box? Do you order it or sign up for it?

  5. Do u hav or did u hav rosacea? Rosacea is like red inflamed skin on the forehead, cheeks and nose. I only ask becuz I hav it and apparently wonder pore gets rid of demodex. Ther is a theory that demodex causes rosacea. If u thnk wonder pore can cure rosacea plz tell me thanx!

  6. Nice review! Gonna try the clay mask soon.. Nway, I believe that u actually need to remove the rubber on the center top of the pump so that you dont have to push so many times for the freshener to comes out.. Just one pump is enough :)

  7. hi could u tell me how i could get one of these boxes please :3