Friday, August 17, 2012

Annyeong Korea! part 1: The Arrival

Annyeong Haseyoooo…

How are you all??

In this post, finally (although it’s only a week ago) I will share about my Korea Trip experience with Etude House..

This trip was sponsored by Etude House and from Indonesia there’s me and Stella as the beauty blogger ambassador to attend their Etude Pink Play Concert, featuring Shinee and 2ne1! So exciting! ^__~

I decided to split it into several posts since it’s a 3 days’ trip and I have a million photos out of it, hahaha.. *kidding

So it’s easier for you to read la! ^^

Ok let’s start!


Arrived at Incheon Airport!

After 7 (really, Seven!) hours of nonstop flight from Jakarta to Seoul, seriously, my back and my neck were….. T_______T

It’s my fault actually, forgot to bring head pillow and extra pashmina/scarf, so I got my whole body stiff and really cold in the airplane… X___X

It’s my 1st time flying with Korean Air, though.. Love it! I’m flying with so many Korean people, hehehe..


After we got out of the airport building, we have to ride the bus to get to the hotel.

Thank goodness Julie has given us instruction before so we know which bus to take, 6015.

Our Skypark Hotel is near Sejong Hotel, the last stop of this bus’ route.


Inside of the bus, it has AC and really comfy.. Before we go, the driver would go and tell us to wear our seatbelt. Nice! Safety first.. :)

Off we gooooo… \(^__^)/




The trip from the airport to the city took almost 1 hour. I didn’t sleep since I slept already on the plane and I think it’s a good opportunity to start taking pictures of Korea!


First picture on the road! ^^ It’s cloudy outside..


Tall buildings, look like apartments and cars everywhere!


Entered the city already.. The road signs are in Korean and English, so we can read it too..

In the road to the hotel, turned out we’re also in the same bus with a Singaporean beauty blogger, Elva from! So happy to meet new friend, hehehe..

And then, finally we arrived at the Skypark Hotel!


The lobby.. Stella was busy taking pictures too, hehehe..


The interior is nice and feels comfy! ^^


It even has Etude house play-desk! You can try their nail polishes for free.. :)


This is Stella, me and Elva, taken when we just arrived at the hotel. Courtesy of Elva’s Facebook. Thank you for the photo yaaa.. ^^ We all look really nice!

Since the check-in time was on 2 PM and we arrived there at 10 AM, we had to wait until that time to enter our rooms. We can put our luggage in the receptionist, of course.

So what did we girls do??? Of course, SHOPPPINGGGG!! ^^

Skypark Hotel is located in Myeong Dong, right in front of the Myeong Dong street market, which is famous for its street market, full with beauty shops..

So with no further due, let’s go!


Yeeaayyy!! My first tourist pose in Myeong Dong, hehehe..

This Myeong Dong area is filled with many-many-many stores, but the majority is beauty shops. All Korean brands seem to be available there… O__O

All beauty bloggers, this is one place you have to see and experience for yourself!

Seriously, if I can go here everyday, I would be so happy!


With Elva and Stella walking, all with camera in hand, hehe.


So many shops..


This shop even placed two robots dressed in hanbok to greet the customers, so cute!


Wow, it’s so crowded here! ^^

At around 12 PM, me and Stella got really hungry since we haven’t eaten lunch yet, while Elva was still feeling stuffed since she had eaten already at the airport. So we split, me and Stella went to find food and Elva continued shopping.

We’re looking for authentic Korean food, since it’s our 1st meal in Korea, so we decided to eat Bibimbap (Korean mix rice with vegetables).


Here we are at the restaurant! The interior looks nice and feels like a traditional Korean home to me.

The food price is not too expensive, we ordered two types of Bibimbap, 6000 Won each (around Rp 60.000).


Hahaha, the pig pose is funny! #oink


These are the side dishes, similar to Padangnese food, yes? ^^

These are for free, and the Kimchi… Oh wow, the Kimchi tasted so gooooodddd…

So this is how the authentic Kimchi in Korea tasted like! #happytears :’)


Happy me.. ^______^


The Bibimbap is here!! Steaming hot! And so yummy!

But the portion is really big ya, hehehe.. Oh well, happy eating.. :D

After finished eating, we went back to the hotel, we stayed at Elva’s room first since our rooms are still being cleaned (not 2 PM yet).


After waiting for a while, this is my room.. :)

Yes, we all got a room for each of us, Etude House is very kind! ^^


The view from the window..


The bathroom, yay for bathtub!

Not long after we got into our rooms, we received a welcome gift from Etude House, aww.. so sweet!


Wow, so cuteeee…


Welcome to the Play House! Wow, thank you! ^^


Macaroons! The pink one is so yummy, it has strawberry jam filling.. <3

Thank you so much Etude House!

This first day is not over yet and I already feel so happy! I’m so lucky to have this opportunity.. :’)


To be continued to part 2! For the next post will be the story of me and Tiara’s journey across Seoul, not to mention we got lost twice too! Aiyaaa… :P

Yes, it’s Tiara from, my blogger friend from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, who’s currently studying summer school in Inha University, Seoul!

More pictures and fun experiences ahead, so stay tune yaaa…

See you on the next post!