Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New logo & Namecard + Update! ^^

Hallloooo.. #wavehands

There are little updates that I would like to share with you all..

Yup! I have a new logo and namecard already! :D

The logo will be used in this blog to watermark the pictures, maybe you’ve seen it before in my TBS event’s post. I’ve started to use this logo on all my pictures, I know it’s adding more steps in the picture editing process, but it’s fun!

Sorry I had to blur the last line, it’s my phone number, hehehe..

For the namecard, I wanted something simple yet it has all the info there. I chose ribbon and Eiffel tower to add a little bit of ‘romantic’ feel to it. I love the combination of them together! Sweet and so Frenchy, hehe.. ^^

Thank you to the lovely, patient & sooooo... helpful (baca: cantik, sabar & suka menolong) Ms. Carryn who designed them, I like them very much! ^^

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I was featured in Fimela.com along with my fellow IBB friends for their beauty article, woot woot! There were 5 of us, Carnellin, Stella, Carryna, me and Phanie.. ^^

A snippet of the article.. You can read the whole version in here.
Many people said I look so professional on this pic, hehehe.. Well, so serious to be exact.. :P

The article was about beauty bloggers’ way to survive the summer / bright season! ^^ And since I really love this Revlon Lipbutter in Tutti Frutti , I know I have to recommend this to you all! :D Come read! The other beauty bloggers also had great tips for all of you.. :D

There’s another article in which some of IBB member got featured also.. It’s about Beauty Wishlist Blogger & Makeup Artist.. Congratz girls!!

I’m just so happy seeing that being beauty bloggers really helped to develop ourselves and made us recognized by the public, and also by the media. It’s not just about the influence, but how we inspire and help the readers with our writings. Go go IBB! *throw confetti* \(^_^)/

See you on the next post… :)