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Clio Kill Brown & Gelpresso Golden Black Review

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Now I’m back with review for a famous Korean eyeliner product, CLIO!

Clio All

I was offered by Patricia, who owns an online shop in Facebook to do a review for Clio eyeliners, you can check out her Facebook page in HERE and HERE.

She imported all of these from Korea so you can be sure you will get all the original products! ^^

The first one I’m gonna review is this:

Clio Professional Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner
Clio Kill Brown n Mascara copy

The packaging, with an extra of Clio O’Tank Volume Mascara in mini size

 Clio Kill Brown n Mascara

Killer combo! :D

I've bought the Kill Black eyeliner last year in Watsons Singapore around S$ 25-ish, if I'm not mistaken.

Around 2 months ago, Clio has finally available in KL as well, but why travel so far to get this baby, eh?

You can get this on stock in Oyo Balada Facebook Page. The price is almost the same with the one in SG, Rp 179.000,- so I must say it's a great price for this quality!

The brand ambassador is Lee Hyori, smoking hot KPop star! My fave song of her is U-Go Girl.. :D

This is her look using Clio Kill Brown.. ^^

She's so pretty! <3

Do check out for the Killer Black. It’s really nice! ^^

The Clio Kill Brown swatch:

Clio Kill Brown Swatch copy
Glides easily and the choco brown color  is not too dark nor too light.

With this, I can draw a very thin line, approximately 0,5 mm. Yes, I used a ruler to measure it, hehehe..

When it’s dry, it’s smudge proof, the color won’t budge no matter how I rubbed it. Nice!

Clio Kill Brown Swatch Wet copy

Waterproof, check! :D

Clio Kill Brown Swatch Wet Smudge copy

But when I tried to rub it when it’s still wet, the color was fading. Hmm.. So it means, no rubbing your eyes when it’s still wet, ok? :)


Apparently, Kill Brown can be used for eyebrow too! Sweet!  ^^

Clio Kill Brown Cilla 3 copy

Here’s  what it looks like on my eye.. ^^

Clio Kill Brown Cilla 1 copy

Open eye..

The effect is really natural yet still gives definition to your eyes..
Perfect for daily use, especially when you don't want to look like you're wearing makeup! ^^

Clio Kill Brown Cilla 2 copy

After false lashes and the mascara on the bottom lashes..

The mascara is ok too, it can give volume to my thin lashes.. It’s a good addition to the eyeliner! ^^

This is my FOTD using Kill Brown..






Now for the Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner.

Clio Gelpresso copy
I chose 7 shades for me to play with.. Thank you so much, Patricia! ^^

Clio Gelpresso All copy
See? So colorful, right?

In my eyes, they look like colorful crayon/watercolor pencil, hehehe..

Clio Gelpresso Golden Black 1 copy
For this post, I will post one color first ya, because I've done Kill Brown, so now it's time for the Golden Black!

Clio Gelpresso Golden Black

It has a built-in sharpener on the top, just unplug it, like the top of mechanic pencil..

 Clio Gelpresso Golden Black 5 copy

The texture is like crayon, it’s creamy yet still has solid form in it...

If the tip is getting short, you can twist it to make it longer and just use the sharpener to make the tip sharp again. Just like pencil!

Clio Gelpresso Golden Black 2 copy

I'm able to draw medium thickness line, approximately 1 mm, twice of the Kill Brown.

See the difference?

When It's dry, it's smudge proof . The color won’t budge no matter how hard I rubbed it.

Clio Gelpresso Golden Black8 copy

Zooming! ^^
It has pretty golden flakes and although it's subtle, it's still different than my reguler black eye pencil. I can imagine it will so glam on evening look. :D

Clio Gelpresso Golden Black Wet1 copy
Now for the waterproof power.

After pouring water on it, the color stil sit there, so it’s really waterproof.

But when I tried to rub it, this is what happened.

Clio Gelpresso Golden Black Wet copy

The color's still there, but the shimmer / golden flakes will be tranfered.



When your eyeliner is wet cause of tears, rain or sweat, don't rub it with your hand / finger.

Wait until it dries to reapply it. Jangan dikucek-kucek matanya yah.. :)
If you already rub it, use cotton bud that is already dipped in eye makeup remover or wet tissue

(if you don't bring makeup remover) and carefully wipe clean the smudged area.


Here’s how it looked on my eyes

Clio Golden Black Priscilla

On the upper eye only.. The golden shimmers are visible! ^^

Clio Golden Black Priscilla 1 copy

On upper and lower eye, it has smooth application so it’s really easy to use! :D

Clio Golden Black Priscilla 2 copy

Both eyes!

This is my FOTD using the Clio Gelpresso Golden Black




Cilla Clio Golden Black 2 copy1

Really love how it makes my eyes look big and bold! <3

Do visit Oyo Balada Facebook page and profile as you can see from her banner below!


Do check out more of Clio products in HERE!

Patricia imported all of of these from Korea so you can be sure you will get all the original products! ^^

For the next part of Clio Gelpresso review, I will do the swatching and more FOTDs for them! Stay tune ya...

Let’s just have some fun and be adventurous with makeup! ^^


See you on the next post.. :D

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