Monday, June 18, 2012

YSL Touché Éclat 20th Anniversary

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you the event report of YSL Touché Éclat 20th Anniversary with Indonesian Beauty Bloggers! *throw confetti*

touche eclat


The event took place at Atrium Sogo, Plaza Senayan..



Look at all the gorgeous models in the pictures are holding the Touché Éclat, so classy!


This is the Touché Éclat..The packaging is elegant and timeless.. Many people would mistake this as a concealer, but the main function is actually a highlighter, it reflects the light on your face. That’s why the tagline is:


“The Light Belongs to Yves Saint Laurent”

After 20 years in the market, Touché Éclat is still raved by many makeup artist and all the people who have used and of course, fall in love with it.. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


The applicator brush is so soft and gentle, so it’s safe for the eye area.



The swatch of all the colors available in the booth. Many options according to your needs! *Thank you to Bella who helped me taking these photos

And this is.. *take a deep breath*


The Touché Éclat Limited Edition


The packaging is so fierce! *waaannntttt*

We also got the chance to play around with other YSL products there..


YSL skin care products: Forever Youth Liberator, the packaging has an elegant touch with the purple color.. My mom would love this! ^^

In the makeup section, here are some of them..


YSL Crème de Blush


YSL Blush Radiance


YSL Pure Chromatic Eyeshadow

And the lipstick!


My first encounter with YSL is by this lipstick.


This shade is my mom’s all time favorite. Pink Fuchsia is her favorite color and this is the perfect shade for her. I love the packaging! So YSL!

In the booth there’s also a photo exhibition by fashion photographer, Giovanni Rustanto



One of his works.. L<3VE! 

  Also, I got a makeover by Franky! At first, he only wanted to fix my eye makeup and add a little bit of drama there, but.. As a makeup artist, there’s no way stopping until it’s finished right? So he ended up do a makeover for me.. Using all the YSL products!



Me telling Franky, hey it’s not balance enough.. I’m very strict about eyebrow, hehehe..


Almost done.. Applying the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain.. I love the light watery texture and it smells like wine!


Finished look..


Thank you Franky! :D Also thank you to Bella again, who helped me taking these photos.. :)

Mada also got a makeover beside me..


Here’s her finished look..



She’s looking drop dead gorgeous!!


Posing together!

And here’s Carnellyn after her makeover..


Wow! You look great with the red lipstick! ^^

On a lighter note, that day was also our fellow beauty blogger, Silke Gianti’s birthday!


The birthday girl’s posing with the Touché Éclat. She’s so pretty! And such a kind-hearted person too, wishing you all the best, Silke! ^^


We blow a candle lighter for her.. Hahaha..

As always, we Indonesian Beauty Blogger would have…

from Bella1

Group photo!


We had super fun experience in the event and YSL was very generous to give each of us the Touché Éclat, except for Carryn who’s so lucky, she won the door prize of Touché Éclat Limited Edition.. (Yes I  still envy her for that, hahaha)


And the shopping voucher! Woot! Nissa was so happy, hehe..

The Touché Éclat review is coming soon! See you on the next post.. :D

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