Saturday, June 23, 2012

Touch of Radiance in One Mighty Pen - YSL Touché Éclat Review

Hi everyone! I’m back with the review of Touché Éclat, Yves Saint Laurent’s highlight pen! The name “Touché Éclat” itself comes from French language, Touché for Touch and Éclat for Radiance. So, this highlight pen will give you the touch of radiance! ^^

YSL Touche Eclat

I got this from the YSL Touche Eclat 20th Anniversary event that I attended with fellow Indonesian Beauty Bloggers, you can read about it here.


The applicator brush is very soft, like nylon fiber bristles so it’s safe for eye area


I got the #2.5 Luminous Vanilla, so here’s the swatch:


The texture is creamy  yet lightweight and feels runny so it easily blends with your skin. It has light yellow beige color, which is a perfect match for my skin tone..

How to use:


For the first time, you have to click up to 20 times, but when it’s all set, you only need like 2-3 clicks


I usually put some on the back of my hand, so I can control the amount for my face..


And then, apply it! Gosh, look at my dark circles, this is what you get when you don’t get enough sleep everyday (read: Begadang) XD


I use it on the under eye are and also on the brow bone. Carnellyn made a wonderful review for the Touché Éclat usage on her brow bone, here.


And then gently pat or dab it using your ring finger. Why ring finger? Because it has the softest pressure / touch of all your fingers. :)

Many people mistaken Touché Éclat as a concealer (it’s not, it has light coverage) but it’s actually a highlighter/brightening pen that has light reflecting pigment, so it can make the dark circles less noticeable and make your eyes look wide awake.


It can also be used on any part of your face that needs to be highlighted, like cheek bones, nose bridge, forehead..


Apply around the lips to create naturally fuller lips and also the chin.

I know it is a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth the money! It’s not just for the eyes, you can use it where the light naturally touches your face. On bare skin or over foundation,  it will add depth / dimension to your face. You can notice the difference cause it makes your face looks radiant, luminous and it stays all day!  


See the difference? My under eyes are much brighter and the dark circle is illuminated! The highlight in the nose bridge, cheekbones and brow bones are also visible, this product is such a winner for me! ^^

FOTD with Touché Éclat

Touche Eclat YSL Priscilla 2

Touche Eclat YSL Priscilla 1

YSL Touche Eclat Priscilla 3_副本

That’s it for this review, have you used it before? What’s your impression? Share with me! ^^

See you on the next post! ^^